Payment Plan FAQ

Why can’t I enroll in the payment plan?

There may be a hold on a student’s account that is blocking enrollment into the payment plan or the student has a past due balance on their account.

Can I pay more than the 50 percent down payment?

Yes, the 50 percent down payment is just a minimum requirement to enroll into the payment plan.

How often do I need to enroll the payment plan?

There is one payment plan offered each semester. Students are not obligated to enroll in a payment plan.  The payment plan is an option for those students who cannot pay their balance in full by registration cancellation date.

Can I come into the Office of Student Accounts to enroll in a payment plan?

No, students must enroll directly online through WebPay. If a student does not have a personal computer, there are computer labs available on campus that students can use.

Do I need to pay the setup fee every semester?

Yes, every time students enroll in a payment plan they must pay the $50 nonrefundable set up fee.

Why isn’t my current balance the same as my payment plan balance?

Students’ payment plan balances do not include all charges. There are some charges, such as bookstore charges, fines, clinical fees, miscellaneous housing fees, etc. that are not covered by the payment plan. A student’s current balance includes both the charges covered by the payment plan and the charges outside of the payment plan.

I have paid off all my installments, so why does my student account still show a balance?

A student’s account will show a balance if charges not covered by the payment plan have not been paid.

I paid off my installment(s) and now I see an amount due for it. Why?

Installments can reopen if the installment due date has not passed and new charges have been incurred.

I set up a plan and viewed my installments. Now the installment amounts have changed. Why?

The installment payment plan is designed to recalculate whenever a new charge or payment is applied to a student’s account.  Any time a new charge is applied to a student’s account, their installments amount will increase.  Any time a payment or credit is applied to the student’s account, their installment amounts will decrease.

If I drop a class and my first installment is paid off, does that credit go toward my next installment or do I receive a refund?

Any credits applied to the student’s payment plan will reduce the student’s installment amounts. Refunds will only be issued when the account balance is paid in full.

Must I wait until my installment is due to pay it; or can I pay smaller amounts?

Students can make payments of any size toward their installments at any time as long the installment is paid off by the due date.

Do I have to pay my installments online?

No, students can pay in person with cash, check, or credit cards. However, paying online is the simplest and most convenient way to make a payment.

How does my financial aid affect my payment plan?

Financial aid is distributed equally across all installments.

My financial aid has not been awarded yet, but tuition is due. What do I do?

If a student’s financial aid has not yet been awarded, the student should enroll in the payment plan to avoid being dropped from their classes due to registration cancellation.  Any financial aid payments made to their student account after they enroll in the payment plan will reduce their installment payment plan amounts.

I have a third party contract. Can my third party contract apply towards my payment plan?

Yes, third party contract payments can apply toward payment plans. Third party contracts will distribute equally across all installments.

What payment methods are accepted?

Electronic checking, debit/credit card, and cash

Can I store my method of payment so that I don’t have to enter it every time I make a payment?

Yes, you can. Just follow these instructions:

    1. Once in WebPay Online Bill Payment, click on the My Profiles tab
    2. Click the Saved Payment Methods section under Profile Settings
    3. Then follow the instructions

How can I cancel or un-enroll from a payment plan?

Students must contact the Office of Student Accounts to cancel a plan.  However, they are still responsible for any balance due after the plan has been cancelled.

What is an Authorized User and do I need one?

An authorized user is a person that the student has given permission to access all or part of their financial records online.  He/she can view and make payments to the student’s account.  Anyone the student chooses can be an authorized user as long as the authorized user has a valid email address.  Students are not required to set up authorized users. Setting up a person as an authorized user is not the same as signing the Authorization to Release Educational Record Information Form with the Registrar’s Office.

Why can’t I pay toward the plan that shows up on my account?

Students cannot make payments toward an authorized user’s plan.  If your authorized user enrolled in the plan, you can see it, but the authorized user must make the payments.  Therefore, it is best practice that a student enrolls into the payment plan and then adds an authorized user so that both the student and authorized user can make payments.

Can I enroll in the payment plan with more than one payment method?

No, the system will only allow an individual to enroll in the payment plan using one payment method.

Why do I receive an error code message when I try to enroll in the payment plan or make an online payment?

An error code that begins with 17, such as (1765, 1766, 1767, 1777, etc.), is issued by the financial institution that issued the credit or debit card. Verify that your credit/debit card information including card number, name printed on card, and expiration date is correct. If this information is correct, call the Customer Service number (usually located on the back of the card) and explain to them the error message and the amount of the transaction you were trying to make to fix your problem.

What are automatic schedule payments and how do they work?

During the enrollment process, you have the option to set up payments to be automatically paid on the installment due dates.  If you select YES, your bank account or credit/debit card will be automatically charged for each installment payment on the due dates.

If you select NO, you are responsible for making each installment payment by the due date.  If you decide to set up automatic schedule payments, DO NOT make a payment when one has been scheduled in advance, unless you are paying the installment off before the due date.  Any payments you make on the same day the installment is scheduled to pay will result in both payments being withdrawn from your bank account or debit/credit card and can cause your account to be overdrawn and NSF fees.

When is the latest I can enroll in the payment plan on the enrollment date?

Students have until 11:30 pm on the enrollment end date to enroll in the payment plan.  However, it is highly recommended that students enroll in the payment plan by 5:00 pm on the enrollment end date to avoid any problems and to receive assistance from the Office of Student Accounts.  If a student has a problem enrolling in the payment plan after the Office of Student Accounts is closed and they are not able to enroll by the enrollment end date, he/she runs the risk of having their classes dropped  due to failure to meet the requirements of registration cancellation.

I paid 50% of my balance before enrolling in the payment plan. Why do I still have to pay a down payment?

Any payments made prior to enrolling in the payment plan only reduce your overall balance.  Therefore, when you enroll in the payment plan the system is still going to require you to pay 50% of your current balance.

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