Student Success Stories


Karthik Narapareddy

Karthik is a graduate student in the Master of Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security at AUM. He has recently been awarded a Google Vulnerability Award which he shared with us.

In the past, Karthik’s research in Cyber Security has been rewarded with a number of different accolades. He has received substantial monetary awards from Harvard University, MIT, University of California at Berkley, Facebook, Apple, Hackerone, Bugcrowd, IKEA and Blackberry.

He has participated in video calls with lead Cyber Security experts in these companies to glean more insight into secure network systems. In addition, Cisco has released an update and release note of Webex with his name appearing three times.

Karthik began researching in the Google Vulnerabilities Program in 2019, reporting vulnerabilities like RCE, SQLI XSS and others. Currently, he is completing research on IDS, IPS and malware signature detection in memory pixel.


Riley Taylor

Riley is a Senior student who will graduate a full semester earlier than anticipated (Class of 2021). In the summer of 2021, he undertook a paid internship, and received credit towards his degree, at Hyundai.

He worked on a panel replacement project, paint repair project (tracking storm damages) and various project management tasks (SAP). Riley’s work was both independent and as part of the ‘A Team’ or summer interns.

As an intern, senior management of Hyundai relied on him to offer suggestions for improvement, recommendations to advance processes and a variety of coding tasks to add value to their current software systems. Overall, it was a very enjoyable summer and we congratulate Riley on his success in the program.

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