Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Programs

Computer Science Programs

The Department of Computer Science and Computer Information Systems offers exciting and high-quality bachelor’s degrees in computer science, along with master’s degrees in cybersystems and information security.

The department offers a limited number of scholarships.

The Department of Computer Science is able to award a limited number of graduate assistantships each semester. Graduate students who are offered assistantships are selected through a competitive process by faculty based on the applicants’ eligibility, qualifications, and fit with teaching, research, or departmental needs. Applying for a graduate assistantship does not guarantee that you will receive an assistantship.

Clubs and Organizations

The College of Sciences offers students a scientific education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer science is a relatively new discipline. In general, it is a science of using computers to solve problems. It is not about using software. High Performance Computing is the main theme of this degree program. In addition to obtaining general computer science training, you will learn multi-core architectures and programming.

Check out the program, degree, and job opportunities here.

B.S. in Computer Science Plan of Study

Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Computer Science

The master’s degree program in computer science will give students specialized preparation in the broad area of computer science with a choice of four concentrations:

  • General Computer Science
  • Computer and Cybersystems Security

After graduation students can advance their careers as computer professionals by taking various job positions in the computing industry, research centers, government and academia.

M.S. in Computer Science Plan of Study

Master of Computer Information Systems and Cybersecurity

This degree program prepares students to become leaders in the field of information and network security, offering instruction and research opportunities that provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively assess, develop, and manage secure information networks and to respond to newly developed threats. Graduates often find career opportunities in information technology, homeland security, government and state agencies, private business and the armed forces.

M.S. in Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security Plan of Study

A limited number of Graduate Teaching Assistantship positions are available each semester. There is no application process. Qualified candidates will be contacted directly based on their prior performance and attitudes in their courses.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Information Sheet

C++ Programming Assessment Test study guide for graduate students in the Computer Science/Cybersecurity Master degree program. This test is to waive the required course CSCI 5003: C++ Programming Language & Lab.

My computer science courses were practical


Computer Science

A computer science minor complements majors from mathematics, physical science, chemistry, biology, and forensic science by integrating students’ knowledge and the problem-solving skills learned through the study of computer methods.

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