Office of Student Engagement and Success

Office of Student Engagement and Success

Office of Student Engagement and Success

The Office of Student Engagement and Success is here to help you in your career exploration. You will get help and advice on:

  • Researching companies
  • Targeting jobs
  • Writing your resume and cover letter
  • Sharpening your interview skills
  • Arranging internships, mentorships and job shadowing opportunities
  • Meeting potential employers when they come to campus

We also provide one-on-one career counseling and career exploration, as well as educational workshops designed to help polish your business professional skills. Email BusinessSuccessCenter@aum.edu, visit our staff in 331 Clement Hall, or call (334) 244-3398 to set up an appointment. We are here to help you reach your goals.

Career Timeline

While we realize each student’s career development timeline is unique, the College of Business uses timelines to propose ideas about what students could do during various stages of their college career.

 Freshman Year Career Checklist

 Sophomore Year Career Checklist

Junior Year Career Checklist

 Senior Year Career Checklist

Career Timeline
Professional Development Series

Professional Development Series

Every year the College of Business places a great focus on preparing our students for the professional environment. The Office of Student Engagement and Success hosts a professional development series focusing on topics like resume writing, networking and mock interviews. We also hold an etiquette luncheon where students participate in a formal business luncheon.

Career Assessment with FOCUS2

FOCUS2, a self-paced, career and education planning tool, enables you to self-assess your career relevant personal qualities and explore career fields and major areas of study that are most compatible with your assessment results. Create a FOCUS account (Access Code: GOWARHAWKS).

Career Assessments
Job Search Tools

College of Business Clothing Closet

Do you have a big interview coming up and nothing to wear? Are you attending the Career Fair and need a tie or professional pair of pants? Contact the Office of Student Engagement and Success to browse the Clothing Closet! Learn more about the clothing closet here>>

Experiential Education

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education, or “co-op,” is a unique partnership among employers, students and the university that combines classroom studies with professional work experience. Co-op positions are typically paid experiences in which students work for a minimum of two semesters on either the alternating or parallel work schedule. Co-op positions must be directly related to a student’s major.


An internship is generally a single semester work experience (paid or unpaid) that offers students an opportunity to engage in further career exploration. Internships for academic credit must be directly related to a student’s major. Here is what Meghan Cochrane, Director of PR & Marketing for Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama, said about her College of Business interns:
em>”The interns from AUM set themselves apart and have an enthusiasm for understanding marketing principles and public relations and go above and beyond with any project or task handed to them. Additionally, they have always demonstrated professionalism and respect by meeting all project deadlines and communicating clearly with any questions or ideas they may have. I strongly recommend the AUM College of Business’s internship program and feel that the students that have interned with Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama have truly made a difference.”


In a job-shadowing situation, students observe professionals on the job, ask questions and gain a better understanding of a career. The intent of these informal relationships is to offer students a glimpse at a typical workday within a career.


Mentoring serves to supplement student knowledge through one-on-one interactions with professionals in the field. Mentors are encouraged to advise, inform, clarify and empower students to achieve their educational and professional goals. Through mentoring, students gain firsthand knowledge of the trends, realities and expectations of their chosen career field.

Web Resources

Internships, Co-op & Seasonal Positions
General Areas
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InterExchange Working Abroad
Internships Abroad – Transitions Abroad
Seasonal & Summer Jobs
backdoor jobs
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Specific Interest Areas
National Park Service
Job Search Resource

Professional Development
Dress for Success
Syms Dress to Achieve
Interview Tips
Interview Questions to Ask.com
Riley Guide
Online Portfolio
Resume/Cover Letter Writing
How to write a Masterpiece of a Resume – Rockport Institute
Riley Guide

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