Have you ever wished you could have a preseason to your classes? Just a week to get ready for them before they started counting for grades? 

You can when it comes to biology, thanks to BioWeek. 

BioWeek is, as the name suggests, a week-long event designed to help students get prepared for their first biology classes. An orientation of sorts, BioWeek allows students to arrive before the new academic years starts and learn classroom locations, staff names and titles, and the ins and outs of not only the biology department, but Auburn University at Montgomery.

Interested? Great! Have more questions? No problem. See our frequently asked questions section below for more information, registration details, and pricing (hint: It’s super cheap.) 

See you there!

What is Bio Week?

A week long Biology experience to help students prepare and feel prepared to be successful in their first biology courses.

When is Bio Week?

Bio Wek 2021 will run Aug 9- Aug 13.  Generally, we meet from 9-3 each day.  For those living on campus, early move-in is available. 

How much does it cost?

$10 (Yes, ten dollars.  That isn’t a typo.)

What do we do?

First and fore most we want you to feel comfortable on campus.  You will have an opportunity to meet the people in, and learn about all, the helpful offices on campus.  You also have a chance to meet science faculty and get to know who they are.

Second, we hope to give you skills to be successful in not only your first biology course, but all of your classes at AUM. 

Learn science!  Yup, all the cool stuff.

Lastly, we hope you meet people and have some fun.

What about food?

Lunch (and snacks!) are provided everyday with our registration fee.

How do I sign up?

You can register for Bio Week with your other fall courses during orientation.  Just sign up for BIOL 0006 (CRN 2277).  If you have any questions, ask an advisor.

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