Pre-Professional Support Team

Pre-Professional Support Team

Helping You Prepare for a Successful Career in the Medical Professions

Training to become a medical professional can be challenging, but incredibly rewarding. You probably know that many of these professions require not only an undergraduate degree, but completion of an advanced degree at a professional school or graduate program. As a result, you may be asking questions like:

  • What major do I need at AUM?
  • What prerequisites do I need to get into postgraduate school?
  • What kind of postgraduate program will I need?
  • How do I know I’ll be ready for it after graduating from AUM?

We’re here to help! The Pre-Professional Support Team at AUM is a dedicated group of academic and career specialists that will be there for you—from the first day of classes until you proudly walk across the stage to accept your AUM degree. Many postgraduate programs are very competitive, so we help guide you to become a stand-out candidate.

The Team is for AUM students who aspire to seek healthcare careers in pharmacy, medicine, nursing, physician assistant, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, veterinary or other medical professions. The Team is designed to support all AUM students in pre-health concentrations, and will provide academic advising for the following majors:

Some students need academic help in math, science and other areas of study. Others need help with study skills or career direction. The Pre-Professional Support Team has four  team members who help you in a variety of ways:

Our Academic Advisors, Chastity Sanders (Biology Health Sciences and Chemistry Health Sciences) and Tangerla  Jones (Pre-Nursing) assist you with course selection, change of major decisions, administrative procedures and curriculum issues.

Our Student Success Coach/Advisor, Juliet Streaty-Varnum, helps you develop effective study habits and learning techniques. She’ll also coach you toward understanding difficult course material, get you set up with a tutor, and help you prepare for professional school admission exams.

The Coordinator of Pre-Professional Programs, Meonka Giles, will assist you with job placement, internships and shadowing opportunities, and the professional school application process.

It’s never too early to start making your career dreams come true. Whether you’re a high school student interested in AUM or a current AUM student, we want to meet you!

To connect with our team, please email [email protected], call 334-244-3969, or visit us in the Office of Central Advising located in Taylor Center suite 125.

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