Meet the Warhawk Academic Success Center Team

The team of staff and tutors at the Warhawk Academic Success Center are here to help you.  We have you covered whether you need mentoring from one of our student success advisors or help in a specific class from one of our tutors.  Stop by the WASC and start your journey to academic success. 


Paul Fox
Director WASC
Library Tower


Paul Fox
Director WASC
Library Tower

Jamese Cain

Hi, Warhawks! My name is Jamese, and I am a nursing major here at Auburn University at Montgomery. I am a Junior and in my first semester in AUM’s Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing/Registered Nursing Program. I am also a member of AUM’s all female acapella group, AUMcapella. I am able and willing to help you in subjects like biology and anatomy lectures and labs. I will also be able to assist you in NURS 3111, 3120, 3131, and 3900 after the Spring 2021 semester.

Sally-Clark, tutor

Sally Clark

Hello, Warhawks! My name is Sally Clark, and I am a former math professor, with 25+ years of teaching experience. My very first job, as an undergraduate at AUM, was tutoring in the Learning Center! It was such a positive experience, it led me to become a teacher. I earned a Master’s from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Ph.D. from Auburn University, and have taught at a number of colleges and universities, primarily in the Southeast. I love bringing math to life, especially through use of color, diagrams, humor, practical connections to other disciplines, and examples from life or imagination. My other loves are art and writing, which strongly influence how I teach. My hobbies include drawing, reading / writing fiction and poetry, watching science documentaries, traveling, and making well-intentioned attempts at gardening.


Kimberlee K. Fernandez

Kimberlee is a non-traditional, transfer student. She received her Associate degree from Enterprise State Community College in December 2018. Kim’s first semester at AUM was Spring 2019. Her plans are to graduate in the Fall 2021 with a double major in English and History. Kim will also begin AUM’s MLA program in the Fall of 2021. She would like to earn her Master’s degree and begin teaching English Composition and/ or History Survey level courses, at either a community college, or as an adjunct at a four-year institution. Currently, she is the President of AUM’s chapter of the English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta; the Editor-in-Chief for the 2021 edition of AUM’s literary and art magazine, the Filibuster; an associate editor for the AUM Historical Review, and a tutor at W.A.S.C. Kim loves helping her fellow students, especially in writing (all subject areas), English Composition courses, all Literature courses, Poetry, any genre or period of History, Intro to Philosophy, and helping other student to develop better study skills.

Sarah Fredericks

Sarah Fredericks has a Ph.D. in Literature with a minor in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English from the University of Arizona and a B.A. and M.A. in English from Auburn University at Montgomery. Her specializations include the Long Nineteenth Century, Multi-ethnic American Literature, Narrative Fiction, Mark Twain, and Digital Humanities. She tutors writing in all subjects, especially at the graduate level, as well as study skills and computer literacy.


Louise F. Gunawan

I am currently majoring in Biology Pre-Health Sciences. I tutor math subjects; Elementary Algebra up until Calculus 1 and Biology 1 & 2 and Anatomy & Physiology 1. I started working as a tutor because I understood how an extra guidance can push me closer towards my goal and the Instructional Support Lab and Learning Center had helped me before. So, I am determined to help others achieve theirs.


Cole Hamric

Cole Hamric mainly tutors for subjects related to writing (or where writing is a major component), literature, and history. Cole is also experienced in helping ESL students practice conversational English. He is currently a graduate student in AUM’s Master of Liberal Arts program and plans to teach at the college level while pursuing writing and other goals after graduating.


Ashley Hudson

My name is Ashley Hudson and I am a Nursing major. I am a senior & graduate in Fall 2021. I have a passion for volleyball and play here at AUM. After I graduate I plan to be a Labor & Delivery nurse or a pediatric nurse.

Nelson Jancaterino

Hello, my name is Nelson Jancaterino, and I am a graduate student. I received my bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with a minor in History, from Troy University, and I am continuing my education at AUM. I enjoy writing and playing music, podcasting, Political theory, and helping people learn. As a former camp counselor, I understand people have many ways of understanding things and I hope to bring what I’ve learned there to tutoring. If you have any History, Political Science, Philosophy, or creative writing problems, I am here to help!


Ngan Le

Hi everyone, my name is Ngan Le, or you can call me Janet. I am a sophomore in Medical Laboratory Science major. I tutor all math through Pre-calculus, and Chemistry 1. I believe that extra help is highly meaningful to college students, so I decided to be a tutor. Furthermore, I used to receive help from the ISL and Learning center, so I want to help other students like me. ​


Juan Melara

Hi everyone,

My name is Juan Carlos Melara and I am currently majoring in Computer Science. I am a tutor in the following subjects: Structured Programming I and II, Intro. To Programming with Python, All Math through Calculus 2, General Physics I, and Elementary Statistics. I am from El Salvador and my favorite sport is soccer.


Andrea Morgan

My major is Finance and I am currently a junior come rising-senior. I am getting my undergraduate Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degree. I can tutor for the lower level math like 0703, 0803, etc. up until 1050. I also tutor some of the lower level classes in the Business College such as the economic classes, business statistics, introduction to accounting etc. I also can tutor for theater appreciation, Spanish 1, environmental biology and the lab, and world history 1 and 2. I am the President of Circle K International (CKI), a club on camp that focuses on service, leadership, and fellowship. Also I am the secretary for the Warhawk Disability Alliance (WDA), a club the focuses are advocating and spreading awareness of disabilities. I am excited to help students understand and feel more confident in learning and growing their knowledge!


Safa Motallebi

  • Tutoring in Mathematics, Physics and Statistics since 2012
  • ESL Specialist since 1997
  • ESL Program Developer at Auburn Montgomery, Fall 2002-2008
  • Undergrad student majoring in Mathematics
  • MA in Teaching English as a Second Language
  • BA in English Language

Dheeraj Ganesh Nedunoori

I am Dheeraj Ganesh Nedunoori and I am a computer science major. I teach and learn almost all the subjects in Computer Science including mathematics and coding. I believe learning from our friends has a great benefit as we explain in a friendly tone. In addition, I travel and explore new places, play tennis, and read books.

Tafadzwa Njanike

Hello! My name is Tafadzwa Njanike, but most people call me Taffy. I am an International Student from Zimbabwe studying Accounting, and I am currently completing my junior year. I am mainly an Accounting/Math Tutor, but I do tutor other subjects which I have taken and I can help in such as Statistics and Economics. I am a member of the AUMcappella, Beta Alpha Psi, a member of 2 honor societies- NSCS and NSLS, and the current secretary for the Accounting club. In my free time I enjoy doing make up, hanging out with friends, singing and dancing. When I graduate I plan completing my CPA, and later on working at Ernest & Young, Deloitte or Grant Thornton in Zimbabwe so I can be closer to my family.


Jaena O'Kelley

My name is Jaena O’Kelley and I am a first-year psychology graduate student. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in the Spring of this year. I hope to earn my master’s degree in psychology then move on to earning my PhD. The areas of psychology that interest me the most are social psychology and neuropsychology. I love learning about the brain and how the overall nervous system influences our behaviors and thoughts.  I tutor all psychology courses, writing/English, and a few math courses as well. When I am not tutoring or in class, I spend my time practicing calligraphy or playing video games. I cannot wait to help you with all of your psychology courses!  ​


Rose Patel

My name is Rose Patel and I am a senior Biology Pre-Health student. I mostly tutor biology courses such as Biology 1010 and 1020, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Genetics. I also tutor both General and Organic Chemistry courses and some math courses. I like learning new things and am currently practicing to become ambidextrous.


Michelle Smith

I started tutoring in the AUM Learning Center in 2002 while working on my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education Language Arts at Auburn Montgomery.  Following graduation from AUM in 2003, I taught high school English for three years and now homeschool my own children.  I currently tutor asynchronously online for all graduate students who need assistance in writing.


Prakhar Singh

Major: Finance, Financial Accounting (minor)

Degree: BSBA

Subjects I tutor: Math (0700-Finite), Business statistics (1, 2), Economics (2000-2020), Accounting (2010, 2020), Chemistry (1) w lab, Biology (1010 w lab)

Currently enrolled in and can tutor: Acct 3110, FINA 3610, and FINA 3370

I am pursuing bachelor’s degree in finance and minor in financial accounting; I am an active money market investor and currently gaining more knowledge in technical and fundamental analysis. After graduating from AUM, I will be working towards completion of CFA certification.

Ngoc Tran

Hi! My name is Ngoc Tran (Kylie). I’m an international student from Viet Nam. I’m currently majoring in Computer Science. I tutor almost all Math to Calculus 2, Structured Programming 1 & 2, Database System, and Chemistry 1 & 2.


Lovely Varghese

My name is Lovely Varghese. My husband and I moved to Alabama in 1999 from New York. My husband works for the State of Alabama. We have three children, Alex Joseph Varghese (sophomore at UAB), Ann Mary Varghese (Senior at LAMP) and Angel Rose Varghese (Junior at LAMP). I graduated from AUM in 2010 with a degree in Liberal Arts and Science. I took a long break from studies to take care of my family. Now I am back to finish my master’s degree in Public Administration. I have been tutoring at AUM since 2015. I teach Algebra1 & 2, Finite Math, and Statistics.

Tyson Wilson

My name is Tyson Wilson. Currently, I am a sophomore who is majoring in English. In addition to my major, I am pursuing a minor in Creative Writing. I am able to tutor numerous courses, especially those that include argumentative papers and speeches such as English 1020 or Intro to Human Communication; I’m also able to help with creative assignments such as those you may encounter in Playwriting.


Christine Windon

Christine Windon graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages, specializing in French. Since graduating, she has been certified as a Laubach Literacy volunteer and an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher; she teaches English classes in local churches twice a week. Creating teaching materials to enable both native English speakers and English Language Learners to grasp grammar concepts more easily is one of her pastimes. As a short-term volunteer, she has taught English in Moldova, Serbia, and Bulgaria. During those overseas visits, she gained more empathy for people learning English; she experienced the challenges of being a foreigner with a very limited vocabulary of the language(s) spoken in each of those countries.  A writing consultant for AUM, she strives to give students the writing skills and confidence they need to communicate their thoughts effectively so that they can succeed in their classes and in the workplace. She tutors writing across all subjects and helps International students improve their English speaking, listening, and writing skills.


Kara Wooke

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Sociology with an Anthropology concentration and minoring in English and Spanish. The main subject I tutor is general writing, though I can provide some assistance with classes pertaining to my major and minors. I have been attending AUM as a full-time student since Fall of 2017.

Specific subjects/classes I can tutor:

  • General Writing
  • ENGL 1010 (English Composition I)
  • ENGL 1020 (English Composition II)
  • ENGL 2580 (Survey of American Lit II)
  • ENGL 4002 (Four Genres: Creative Writing)
  • ENGL 4140 (Multilingual Composition)
  • SPAN 1010 (Elementary Spanish I)
  • SPAN 1020 (Elementary Spanish II)
  • SPAN 2010 (Intermediate Spanish I)
  • ANTH 2110 (Cultural Anthropology)
  • ANTH 2120 (Introductory Archaeology)
  • ANTH 3810 (Language in Culture and Society)
  • INTL 3000 (Intro to International Studies)
  • SOCI 2000 (Introduction to Sociology)

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