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The Experiential Education and Engagement Center provides internships, service-learning opportunities, and field experiences to our students. These opportunities will help prepare you for success after college, aid in reinforcing topics learned in class, uplifting our community, making professional connections, and sharpening your skillsets.

Choose from any of these experiential learning opportunities to add to your résumé:

  1. EEEC Fieldtrip to Freedom Riders Museum

    October 14, 2022 @ 10:15 am - 2:00 pm

Community Engagement Work Days

Please join the Experiential Education and Engagement Center for our Community Engagement Work Days! These work days allow students to participate in the City of Montgomery’s Shady Street Project. If you are interested in this event, please meet us outside of Taylor Center near admissions at 8:30 AM. Please wear work clothing and closed-toed shoes. Consider wearing a hat and sunglasses and bringing water too. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Center.

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  1. Shady Street Project

    September 30, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
  2. Shady Street Project

    October 21, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
  3. Shady Street Project

    November 11, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm


The National Nuclear Security Administration Minority Serving Institutions Internship Program (NNSA-MSIIP) is now accepting applications for internships starting in the summer of 2023.


The NNSA-MSIIP offers full-time summer internships, with opportunities to continue part-time during the academic year.

Undergraduate and graduate students receive:

  • Stipends start at $750/week
  • Allowances to offset the cost of:
    • Commuting $50/week
    • Housing: Varies based on location
    • Travel to and from the hosting site $1,000
    • Virtual participation: $150/week
  • Opportunities to:
    • Be part of world-class research and operations within the NNSA enterprise.
    • Enhance the students’ preparedness for scientific, technological, and operations-related careers.
    • Gain a competitive edge as they apply their education, talent, and skills,
    • Establish connections with DOE scientists and subject matter experts that promote long-term relationships between participants, researchers, and other professionals at NNSA.

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  • Must be a junior or senior with experience or majoring in marketing, communications, journalism, graphic design, social media management, or similar field.
  • Must have excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills.

Preferred Skills

  • This intern must be a team player with excellent organization, communication, and writing skills. This person must be self-motivated, and able to handle multiple ongoing projects.
  • Experience with social media management and video editing.

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The Governor’s Office Internship Program is designed to provide insight to college students who want to learn more about the executive branch of state government. As an advocate for education and former school teacher, Governor Ivey understands that learning should not be limited to a classroom and that hands-on experience is necessary for students to be adequately prepared for the next step in their career journey.

Staff liaisons will provide assignments and special projects to interns in their respective areas of interest giving them a realistic overview of routine activity within a government office. Although interns are not directly assigned to the governor, every effort is made to give interns the opportunity to observe the governor’s public activities. This is mainly accomplished through having interns attend proclamation ceremonies and press events in which the governor is involved.

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The 2022-23 Wild Alabama Public Lands Intern will be responsible for upholding the company’s mission. The intern will help staff implement programmatic work in a learning environment that will foster a deep appreciation and knowledge of how public lands are managed for educational, conservation, and stewardship purposes.
Programmatic work includes outreach, education, stewardship activities, and administrative aspects of nonprofit management. We work as a team and there is a lot of overlap and flexibility in our responsibilities. Willingness to adapt and learn are the key expectations.
Work hours will be flexible.  Work will be a combination of remote, in the Wild Alabama office in Moulton, AL, or “in the field” (National Forests of Alabama).  This internship is designed as a bridge to a permanent position with the US Forest Service, although this is not guaranteed.
Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 30 (35 if a US veteran and must be a US citizen).

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A Children’s Rehabilitation Service (CRS) nutritionist intern will assist the CRS nutritionist in planning, monitoring and evaluating nutrition services in the assigned geographical area; providing nutritional services in the homes or other community settings to clients and families; developing and coordinating Feeding clinics and provide follow up for clinic clients; maintaining a cooperative relationship with other agencies providing nutritional services; serving as a nutritional resource to staff; providing in-service education to CRS staff and community agencies; working medical and evaluation clinics by assessing nutritional status, growth and dietary intake of clients 0 to 21 years of age; and assisting other care coordination professionals in the procurement of nutritional supplements for clients.

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A Children’s Rehabilitation Service (CRS) nurse intern will assist the CRS nurse in determining eligibility for agency services and coordinates care between the agency and community service providers; coordinating monthly client clinic visits; viewing all medical records, documenting diagnosis in case records and facilitating flow of information between patients, families and treating medical professionals; developing Plan of Care; authorizing client services; attending home and school visits as needed; and serving as a community resource advocating for children with special health care needs.

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A Children’s Rehabilitation Service (CRS) social worker intern will assist the CRS social worker in conducting intake of clients; completing financial consent, medical releases and service plans; attending home, agency and school visits; obtaining and reviewing medical records, identifying problems and concerns to address needs; conducting follow up of medical recommendations and assessment of status; conducting pre and post clinic interviews as needed to determine needs, give recommendations and provide instruction and counseling; dictating clinic contacts for medical records; and conducting outreach for community awareness.

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A Children’s Rehabilitation Service (CRS) occupational therapist intern will assist the CRS occupational therapist in the clinic evaluation process for OT services and providing follow up as needed; serving as clinic coordinator as needed and documenting completion of evaluation reports in the electronic health care record; collaborating with health care professionals and physical therapist in outside agencies regarding service provision; conducting follow up by participating in Individualized Educational Plans, field visits to schools, clients’ homes; school trainings and other contacts as needed; and providing in-service training to CRS staff and other agencies.

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A Children’s Rehabilitation Service (CRS) or Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS) audiology intern will assist the CRS or VRS audiologist in evaluating/testing clients to assure appropriate procedures are conducted and document client files; evaluating the need for hearing aids and assistive amplification devices; selecting, authorizing and ordering assistive hearing devices; providing fitting, programming, orientation and education for assistive hearing devices; conducting follow up to assess auditory status, device performance and compliance; responding to requests for modification and maintenance of assistive hearing devices; and providing consultation, information and patient education to medical personnel, professional staff and community members.

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A Children’s Rehabilitation Service (CRS) speech pathologist intern will assist the CRS speech pathologist in conducting speech/language/voice/fluency screenings and evaluations; providing speech/language evaluation and intervention services; providing training, technical assistance/consultation to individuals and groups; evaluating and recommending treatment plans for children with Feeding Difficulties in conjunction with other therapists and team members; coordinating speech clinics and conducting pre and post reviews and documentation; administering follow up to document accurate and complete delivery and functioning of Augmentative Communication Devices, Speech Generating Device and Durable Medical Equipment; and providing consultation and information to ADRS staff, medical professionals, schools affiliates and community members.

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An accountant intern will assist the accountant in auditing and reconciling travel claims, telecommunication invoices, verifying vendor codes, account codes, related budget balances, and accuracy of payment amounts; communicating with vendors, department staff members, and personnel in other state agencies regarding travel claims, invoices or related materials; notifying employees, agencies or department heads of issues with invoices, travel claims and other financial information; entering data to process voucher payments in a prompt and efficient manner; and referencing various tables to review documents, budgets, and enter claims for payment documents and journal vouchers.

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An accountant intern will assist the accountant in preparing billing for revenue agreements and grants in accordance with applicable regulations and accounting standards; monitoring agency outstanding receivables to ensure payments are received timely and provide accurate account delinquency management; and preparing fund status and agency Federal Financial reports.

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A IT systems specialist intern will assist the IT systems specialist in managing, maintaining and developing the DW systems; ensuring changes made in the production database environment are pursuant to the change management process; coordinating with the Project Manager and Scrum Master to ensure that all build/release processes occur efficiently; utilizing documentation from Team Foundation Server to produce satisfactory build and release notes; providing support for the Business Intelligence (Bl) initiative utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server Bl stack and SharePoint; administrating ail ADRS SQL servers in problem resolution, configuration, capacity planning, performance tuning, and upgrades; providing support for all other departmental SQL Servers; assisting the SharePoint Farm Administrator in administration and maintenance of the Microsoft SharePoint suite of content management and server capabilities to include user accounts, security, performance, and system configuration and content organization; assisting in specifying, installing, and maintaining the SQL Server reporting services databases to support integration with the SharePoint servers; communicating effectively with project manager, scrum master, IT Director, and Computer Services team members as needed for daily activities and through the project/software development lifecycle; documenting ail responsible systems in a professional manner including SharePoint governance and security, SSIS solutions. Operations Team processes, SSRS standards, and database administration.

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A programmer intern will assist the programmer in software development, and design/construction; performing software unit and limited system integration testing; debugging tools in the developer IDE (Visual Studio) and the web browser; documenting programming work in the code base, TPS, and problem report tracking system so that software can be given to fellow programmers for review; change management; maintaining record of activities so that software development and modifications are documented and tracked in an audit trail of program implementation and changes are available; and providing accurate and clear status information to project manager, scrum master, and development team members.

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A communications specialist intern will assist the communications specialist in serving as a media representative by producing news releases, assisting with media inquiries and coordinating media coverage; gathering information, taking photos, designing, writing, and editing the department’s online staff newsletters and annual reports; assisting with the production of departmental public awareness materials; providing training to staff on media relations and public awareness activities; and coordinating posts to departmental social media accounts.

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An administrative assistant intern will assist the administrator with EI, CRS, VRS, or SAIL in communicating with consumers, parents, vendors, Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP) personnel, health care professionals by phone, relays and email maintaining confidentiality; Entering information into case management systems to generate authorizations, verify services document services and status; processing claims; verifying receipt of services; researching charges with vendors to process or clear; entering applications, plans, reviews, and closures into case management systems; typing and distributing all routine correspondence regarding caseload to appropriate consumers, vendors, doctors, etc.; maintaining case files for caseloads; scheduling appointments with consumers, doctors, CRP personnel, specialist, medical professionals; processing referrals to clinics, CRP’s, medical professionals, agencies and vendors; and performing clerical duties as needed.

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Internship Highlight – Dr. Sterling on Internship and Mikia Holloway

Describe your experience in offering internship courses.

I’ve been the Director of the Internship Program in Writing and Editing for the past 22 years. I enjoy working with students and helping them match their internship with their career goals. The internship program is a way to foster closer ties between AUM and the community in the River Region. The internships enable students to learn valuable information and learn about their intended careers in ways that cannot be taught in the classroom.

What was your experience like working with Mikia Holloway?

I greatly enjoyed working with Mikia. Mikia is a very talented and creative student. She has excellent writing and editing skills. She is also a kind and humble person. The publishers at NewSouth Books enjoyed working with her and teaching her valuable editing and computer skills (such as Adobe InDesign). Mikia did a great job copyediting Dr. Alan Gribben’s 700-page book on Mark Twain, which will be published in a few weeks. 

What impact do internships have on student success?

Internships have a great impact on student success. Writing and Editing interns acquire practical experience in their field and learn valuable skills. They meet influential people in their discipline, which helps them with networking and finding jobs upon graduation. I’m pleased that many of the internships that derive from my department have led directly or indirectly to full-time jobs.


Impact America is seeking volunteers to serve as Vision Screeners for their FocusFirst initiative. FocusFirst ensures that children in urban and rural communities receive comprehensive vision care during their crucial formative years.

As a FocusFirst volunteer, you will utilize a simple, but high-tech camera to provide free vision screenings for preschool-aged children at local Head Starts, Pre-K programs, and daycare centers.

To sign up for a one-hour volunteer training session, email [email protected]

Click here to learn more about Impact America

Read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos to learn about issues affecting international students and other people who have come to the United States. You will be expected to engage and share ideas about your learning.

Please contact Heather Adams for additional details:

[email protected]


Read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos to learn about issues that college students face, specifically first-year students. You will be expected to engage and share ideas about your learning.

Please contact Heather Adams for additional details:

[email protected]


Read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos about issues that our community members face such as housing insecurity and/or domestic violence. You will be expected to engage and share ideas about your learning.

Please contact Heather Adams for additional details:

[email protected]


Read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos to learn about issues relevant to the LGBTQ community members. This project will work on raising awareness about LGBTQ issues. You will be expected to engage and share ideas about your learning.

Please contact Heather Adams for additional details:

[email protected]


Career Development Center

The Career Specialists at the Career Development Center will help you prepare for any employment opportunity by helping you with your resume/CV/cover letter, preparing you for the interview, and showing you how to build your professional network.

Handshake is another valuable tool. In this easy-to-use mobile app, you can find amazing jobs and internships and keep up with Career Development Center events.

Learn more about the Career Development Center


Have you heard about the equipment the EEEC has available for AUM faculty, staff, and students? The SAGE Club has! Over the past few months, they have been hard at work doing spring garden and planting activities using the tools we keep in our shed on campus. These tools are available to borrow for projects on and around campus. To schedule a time to use them, contact us at [email protected].

Want to help with some of SAGE’s activities on campus?

SAGE has a listserv where students, faculty, and staff can sign up and participate. If you want to get put on their list or are just interested in learning more about SAGE and their upcoming projects email them at [email protected].

SAGE does amazing work with the Sierra Club, Alabama Forestry Commission, and the SEEDS club.  Their tree planting efforts will help us maintain our Tree Campus status at AUM.

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