See Something/Say Something,Enforcement Authority & Crime Statistics

See Something/Say Something,Enforcement Authority & Crime Statistics

Keeping the AUM community safe and well informed are key goals of the AUM Police Department.

See Something/Say Something

Enforcement Authority

All sworn police officers assigned to the AUM Police Department receive their powers and authority from the Code of Alabama, Title 16, Chapter 22, Sections 1 and 2, which states:

“The president or chief executive officer of any state college or university shall have the authority to appoint or employ one or more suitable persons to act as police officers to keep off intruders and prevent trespass upon and damage to the property of the college or university or of the said university. Such persons shall be charged with all the duties and invested with all the powers of police officers.”

 Any officer appointed pursuant to the provisions of 16-22-1, is a peace officer whose authority extends to any place in the state; provided that the primary duty of any such police or peace officer shall be the enforcement of the law on property owned or leased by the institution of higher education employing such officers; provided further, that he shall not otherwise act as a peace officer in enforcing the law except:

  1. When in pursuit of any offender or suspected offender who is charged with the commission of a crime while on the premises of said institution; or
  2. To make arrests otherwise lawfully for crimes committed or for which there is probable cause to believe have been committed, within his presence or within the boundaries of said property owned or leased.

Crime Statistics & the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

To inform students, staff and faculty members of the policies and procedures for safety and security at AUM, the AUM Police Department publishes annual crime statistics (Annual Security and Fire Safety Report) in order to meet requirements outlined in Public Law 101-542, the Jeanne Clery Act. Copies of the report from previous years can be viewed at the campus police office. 


The AUM Police Department also completes daily crime and fire logs available upon request at the campus police office. We strive to keep the campus community aware of any criminal activity which may have an impact on personal safety or security. If you wish to obtain a copy of this report, please stop by the AUM Police Department in Taylor Center, Room 267.

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