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Professor N Pajamas - WELCOME!


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In AUM tradition, Professors n Pajamas will be a virtual event with all the bells and whistles.  Music, pets, and the best subject matter experts that students could want! 

Plus, special guest, Chancellor Carl A. Stockton will host a Q&A starting at 7:15 PM. 

Closeout the Spring semester with amazing music in the DJ breakout room, enjoy the comfort of the virtual pet room and win great prizes!  Join us online on April 29 at 7:00 PM for an evening to remember. 

Did we mention giveaways of $1,000 in prizes?!


Register below the schedule with the subject matter you would like to tackle and we will have someone to answer your questions!  BYOS (Bring your own snacks), ask your questions, dance, enjoy some good music and play virtually with pets. 


Subject Professor Shift Zoom Link
Main Room Main Room
Pet Room Pet Room
Accounting Dr. Keren H. Deal 7:00-8:00
Finance Dr. Ross Dickens
Finance and Accounting Dr. Christine Harrington Both
Success Advising
Education  Dr. Shelly Hudson Bowden 7:00-8:00
Elementary Education  Dr. Shelia Austin  7:00-8:00
English, Writing, Education Atima Adams
Biomechanics, Exercise Pathophysiology Dr. Angela Russell Both

British and American literature Dr. Darren Harris-Fain 7:00-8:00
English, writing, political science, all honors seminars Kasey Badger
English Dr. Eric Sterling 7:00-8:00
Language Arts, READING Dr. Jan Hogan 7:00-8:00
Theatre Val Winkelman 7:00-8:00 
World History, Western Civilization, and American History Dr. Andrew McMichael
COMM 1010, basic writing courses  Katherine Irwin 8:00-9:00
Communication Hilary Gamble 7:00-9:00
Criminal Justice Dr. Prit Kaur Both
HIST 1060, 1070, 1010, 1020 Dr. Michael Burger Both
All HIST courses and writing (all ENGL courses and others where writing is necessary). Conversational English if need be. Cole Hamric

Theatre Neil David Seibel Both
All History; All Art History; ENGL 1010/1020; Writing; Conversational English skills for ESL students Tori Kenyon
Theatre Appreciation, Intro to Human Communication, any theatre class Sam Wallace Both
Library research help.  Samantha McNeilly Both
Research projects utilizing the AUM Library Phill Johnson Both
Any undergraduate nursing course Dr. Courtney Bagents Both
Math 0703 Sissy Speirs 7:00-8:00
Anatomy 1 & 2, All math through 1050 (College Algebra) Chem 1, Organic Chem 1 & 2, Biology 1 & 2, Microbiology, Biostatistics Asley Hughes
Chemistry Dr. Robert Granger 8:00-9:00
All Math through 1620 (Cal 2), Physics I, Intro to Comp. Sci., Struct I, Data Struct., Discrete Struct., database, algorithms, software comp., OS Alex Maynard
General Biology I (cells and molecules); microbiology; virology Dr. Pryce L. "Pete" Haddix Both
Math Dr. Matthew Ragland Both
All math through 1050 (College Algebra) General Chemistry 1 & 2, Organic Chemistry 1 & 2, Biology 1 & 2, Microbiology, Biochemistry Leah Anderson
Psychology Classes Dr. Clarissa Arms-Chavez Both
Psychology Classes Dr. Glen Ray Both
Math Dr. Yi Wang 8:00-9:00
All Math through 1050 (College Algebra) Accounting 2010, Accounting 2020 Tafadzwa Njanike
All math through 1610 (Cal 1) (Cannot do related Rates in Cal 1), finite math, elementary stats, business stats 1 & 2 Lance Norris
All math through 2630 (Cal 3), physics 1, differential equations, intro to higher math, intro to comp. sci., structured 1 & 2, data structures, discrete structures, database, algorithms, unix and C, distributed computing, comp. achitecture Matthew Little
All math through 1620 (Cal 2) chem 1 & 2, stuctured programming 1 Kylie Tran
All math through 1150 (Precalulus w/ trig), Chemistry 1 & 2, Organic Chemistry 1, Biology 1 & 2, Microbiology Jasmine Walker
All math through 1610 (Cal 1) , Chem 1 & 2. Carolina DeBovis Pontes
Anatomy 1, All math through 1150 (pre-cal with trig), Biology I, Biostatistics Daveenyah Primm