College of Arts & Sciences

A Taste of College Classroom

Welcome to the new College of Arts & Sciences. Most of the departments of the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Sciences have recently been reorganized into a College of Arts & Sciences. This is an exciting development for AUM faculty and students. This reorganization will enhance collaboration across disciplines and create new synergies on campus.  The new College of Arts & Sciences will be the core of the campus--uniting most of the core curriculum and teaching 29% of AUM's students by major and producing 60% of AUM's credit hour production.  It will locate the majority of AUM's Distinguished Teaching Professors, Distinguished Research Professors, and Ida Belle Young Professors in one college, creating an atmosphere of intellectual excitement and discovery. Students in the college will get hands-on experience in their field, whether biology students conducting research in the Galapagos Islands, theatre students competing nationally, or history students studying ancient texts. Welcome to our world!