Repeat-to-Replace Policy | AUM

Repeat-to-Replace Policy

AUM undergraduate students who have retaken undergraduate courses and earned a higher grade may request to have the previous grades excluded from their institutional GPA and earned hours under the Repeat-to-Replace policy. If the request is approved by the student's advisor and the Dean (or college representative), the Office of the Registrar will make appropriate notations next to the original course on the student's official transcript.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor to determine the potential impact of repeating a course on their financial aid, VA benefits, insurance, entrance to professional schools, participation in athletics, immigration status, and other matters.


  1. Policy applies to grades of F or FA earned in AUM for-credit courses.
  2. The original and repeated courses remain on the academic transcript. The higher of the two grades for the repeated course will be included in the GPA and earned hours; the lower grade will be excluded from the GPA and earned hours.
  3. If the student earns the same grade in the repeated course, the grade from the original course will remain in the calculation of the student’s GPA; and the repeated course grade will not be included in the student’s GPA..
  4. The Repeat-to-Replace policy may be requested by currently enrolled students or those seeking reinstatement. It is not available to students who have graduated.
  5. Grades that have been removed from the GPA calculation through the Repeat-to-Replace policy will be factored back into the GPA when determining graduation honors.
  6. The Repeat-to-Replace policy cannot be used for grades of F earned for academic violation.

Note: Both the Repeat-to-Replace and Grade Adjustment/Grade Forgiveness policies are available to students.