Brown, Sidney

TitleAssociate Professor
DepartmentCounselor, Leadership & Special Education
OfficeCounseling Ldrship/Special Ed
Office Location304 B Education Building
Phone334 244-3054


Biography summary



           Dr. Sidney L. Brown is the father of two adult sons and the grandfather of one. He serves as an Associate Professor of Instructional Leadership at Auburn University Montgomery, Alabama. He along with a current Montgomery Public Schools teacher recently presented their research at the March 2014, 26th Annual At-Risk-Youth Conference in Savannah, Georgia. He is the author of fifteen articles, which appear in refereed educational journals over the last decade. I have been an educational consultant at national agencies, state agencies, local agencies, and Universities. He is one of 26 members on the international board of the American Association of School Administration for the Journal of Scholarship and Practice.  I have been voted Who?s Who Teacher of the Year six times, from 2001-2006.   Has been Co-Editor for the Domain, District Leadership, (20) NCPEA Connexions.

            For nine-years he served as Director of Off Campus Programs and Professor of Instructional leadership at Alabama State University (ASU). At the time he was the youngest Professor in the College of Education.  Prior to his service at ASU he was a turnaround principal for the State Department of Education.  

            Furthermore, he has been a national Professional Development Presenter for more than over 3,000 teachers, parents, students, principals, district leaders and JROTC Instructors, Air Force, Maxwell Air Force Base.  He has been a reviewer for NCPEA, SRCEA, MSERA, NASA, AASA, and SRCEA. He was a book reviewer/editor for the textbook, School Business Administration, Allyn & Bacon Publishers (2008 Ray & Candoli). And finally, He was a high school teacher, coach, High School Principal, State Vocational Director, and Assistant Superintendent.