Allen, Rodney

TitleStaffing Manager
DepartmentHuman Resources
OfficeHuman Resources
Office Hours8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday
Office LocationTaylor Center 304

Rodney Allen is a Consultant for the Center for Business and Economic Development. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Human Resources Management concentration from Auburn University Montgomery. His professional interests include development and administration of personnel selection procedures, job analysis studies, and assessment centers. Rodney has worked on several projects conducting job analyses. He has also been involved in selection procedure development and administration and other human resources services.Rodney’s professional interests include a variety of topics, but a particular area of interest is role-player training. Through a thorough role-player training program, Rodney is able to ensure standardization of multiple role players during an administration. He believes that standardized responses from role players are an important to ensuring the validity of a role-play exercise. Another appealing aspect of role-player training is the added benefit of allowing Rodney the opportunity to meet and develop a rapport with people from various professions.Rodney also enjoys developing selection procedures. He knows that designing an exercise that is a good representation of the type of work actually performed on the job is vital to ensuring the exercise measures important job related abilities. Rodney has developed numerous selection procedure exercises to include role-play, in-basket, meeting, and work sample exercises.

EducationBachelor of Science, Business Administration, Auburn University Montgomery