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Persons With Disabilities

All events open to the public or the AUM community at-large should be held in rooms that have wheelchair accessibility as well as access to restrooms for persons with disabilities.

All events open to the public or the AUM community at-large should include a statement in all advertising materials that directs people with disabilities to the appropriate contact to request accommodations for the event. A statement such as the following can be used:

"To request special services, accommodations, or assistance for this event, please contact (provide name, e-mail address, and phone number) as far in advance of the event as possible."

It is usually reasonable to ask people to request accommodations with some advance notice before an event, provided you have given them adequate time to provide that notice.

If you are using a space that requires a lift or use of a door without an electronic opener, you may need to designate someone to assist people using a wheelchair or who have a disability in entering and exiting the event.

Make sure students and staff working at the event are aware of wheelchair-accessible routes, accessible parking, lifts or elevators, and accessible restrooms, which sometimes may be in a nearby building.

Provide students and staff working the event any details surrounding accommodations you are providing for the event. Sometimes policies, practices, or procedures may need to be altered to provide access. It will be important for this to be clear up front to avoid any confusion at the event.

If a sign language interpreter will be used at the event, please inform all speakers that it is appropriate for them to address the person using the interpreter, not the interpreter.

If you are having a closed event, make sure you still address the needs of any attendees that have disabilities.