People Finder

Name Title Department Phone Email
Wade, Denise Administrative Associate College of Business 334-244-3564
Waffo, Alain Adjunct Instructor Biology, Environmental Sciences, and GIS 334-244-3316
Walcott, Michael Adjunct Economics 334-244-3454
Walker, Andria Assistant Professor Kinesiology 334-244-3536
Wallace, Sam Lecturer of Theatre Communication & Theatre 334-244-3510
Waller, Gail Adjunct English and Philosophy 334-244-3376
Wang, Guoping (King) Deputy Dean Confucius Institute 334-244-3605
Wang, Yi Department Chair/Professor Mathematics & Computer Science 334-244-3318
Ward, Chelsea Distinguished Teaching Professor/Head Biology, Environmental Sciences, and GIS 334-244-3317
Ward, Larry Interim Senior Technology Officer Advanced Technologies 334-244-3103
Warren, Ashley Graduate Admissions Coordinator Admissions and Recruitment 334-244-3623
Warren, Freida Lab Coordinator Mathematics & Computer Science 334-244-3721
Washington, Sabrina Program Associate Admissions Processing 334-244-3614
Webb, Katherine Jackson Vice Chancellor for Outreach & Strategic Initiatives Business & Community Initiatives 334-244-3704
Wells, Wyatt Distinguished Research Professor History & World Languages & Cultures 334-244-3363
Westfall, Diane Senior Library Associate Library 334-244-3789
Whatley, Annette Senior Admin Associate Counseling and Health Promotion Services 334-244-3469
Whatley, Laura Assistant Professor Fine Arts 334-244-3927
White, Christopher AVC & Controller Financial and Administrative Services 334-244-3255
White, Michael Senior Lecturer Business Administration 334-244-3492
Whitlock, Judy International Student Services Coordinator Global Initiatives 334-244-3922
Wildman, Laura Director of Early Learning Center Early Learning Center 334-244-3779
Wilkes, Scottie Assistant Softball Coach Athletics 334-244-3520
Wilkins, Reginald Custodian Facilities 334-244-3996
Williams, Bradley Assistant Athletic Trainer Athletics 334-244-3653
Williams, Frank Photographic Specialist Strategic Communications and Marketing 334-244-3627
Williams, Jessie Custodian Facilities 334-244-3685
Williams, JoAnne Financial Associate Student Accounts 334-244-3285
Williams, Karen Librarian III Library 334-244-3445
Williams, Kecia Lecturer School of Nursing 334-244-3552
Williams, Kimberly Building Services Supervisor Facilities 334-244-3685
Williams, Linda Police Officer Campus Police 334-244-3424
Williams, Michelle Administrative Associate Mathematics & Computer Science 334-244-3677
Williams, Primesa Custodian Facilities 334-244-3996
Williams, Twyla Interim Chief Human Resources Officer Human Resources 334-244-3657
Williams, Wendy Adjunct Instructor Justice and Public Safety 334-244-3692
Williams-Hill, Valencia Administrative Associate Enrollment Management 334-244-3395
Williamson, Becky Administrative Associate School of Accountancy (334) 244-3490
Willis, Doris Senior Program Associate Orientation and Transitions 334-244-3851
Willis, Susan Professor English and Philosophy 334-244-3406
Wilson, LaShonda Custodian Facilities 334-244-3233
Winemiller, Terry Associate Professor of Anthropology and Geography Biology, Environmental Sciences, and GIS 334-244-3945
Winkelman, Mike Professor Communication & Theatre 334-244-3507
Winkelman, Val Professor Communication & Theatre 334-244-3360
Wood, Gregory Police Corporal Campus Police 334-244-3294
Woodham, Eugenia Administrative Associate Kinesiology 334-244-3547
Woods, Tara Administrative Associate English and Philosophy 334-244-3376
Woodworth, Elizabeth Associate Professor English and Philosophy 334-244-3402
Woulard, Roderick Material Handler Conference Services 334.244.3562
Wright, Linda M. Associate Director of Operations | Interim Director of Operations Outreach 334-244-3961