For more details, please refer to the Non-Resident Tuition Policy. To apply for change of residency, please go to the Application for Change of Residency.

The Office of Admissions and Recruitment determines your residency status when they receive and process the completed application for admission. AUM bases the decision on the information contained in the application for admission, transcripts, and other documents required for admission. The residency status determined at this time remains in effect until you either (1) fulfill the requirements for residency and petition for reclassification or (2) lose residency by your absence from Alabama with intent to become a resident of another state. We review residency status after any absence from the university for more than one year [three consecutive semesters].

In Alabama, nineteen (19) is the age of majority. If you are under the age of nineteen, you are considered a minor under the law. The residency status for students under nineteen is based upon the residence of the student’s “supporting person” as that term is defined in the Non-Resident Tuition Policy. In most cases, you must be 19 to begin to establish residency apart from your parents, legal custodian, or guardian.

A noncitizen with a visa that prohibits establishing a residence in Alabama during any portion of the durational period may not be granted resident student status. Other noncitizens may qualify for resident student status by meeting all requirements for residency outlined in the Non-Resident Tuition Policy, or having been granted refugee status and meeting all other requirements for residence.

Property ownership in Alabama does not, by itself, constitute residency or entitlement to in-state tuition.

None or very little. In cases where the student is a minor, residency rests on whoever claims him/her as a legal dependent.

In determining a person's eligibility for residency for tuition purposes, the Non-Resident Tuition Policy requires that the person be a resident of Alabama and has been a resident for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the term for which the student is registering. The cumulative time a person lived in Alabama is not relevant if the person has moved away from Alabama and established residence in another state.

No. The student would qualify only if the parent was physically present at the Alabama business site and working in a permanent, full-time capacity for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the student’s enrollment.

No. The parent must be stationed in Alabama or have an LES (leave and earning statement proving Alabama as state of residence). Home of record is not necessarily the same as state of residency. 

A non-resident student who believes s/he has satisfied the residency requirement may obtain an "Application for Change of Residency for Tuition Purposes" from the Registrar’s Office or click Application for Change of Residency. A change in residency classification is never automatic. It is always your responsibility to initiate the reclassification request.

Yes. For details, please refer to the Non-Resident Tuition Policy.

Yes. For details, please go to Non-Resident Tuition Policy.

Temporary absences from Alabama alone will not result in a loss of resident student status once established, unless the absence is accompanied by actions which indicate intent to establish a new residence in another state.

If we determine that you provided false or misleading information, you may lose resident status and be dismissed from the university.

We must re-determined residency status after any absence from the university.

A sport club is a registered student organization that promotes and develops interest in a particular sport or physical activity. A club may be instructional, recreational or competitive, or may involve any combination. Participation in a sport club is voluntary. Sport clubs are officially sponsored by the university and are administered through Campus Recreation.

Although both are managed by Campus Recreation, Club Sport teams are led and organized by students. Team practices, competitions, and fundraising are managed by individual club officers and members. Finally, Club Sports participants may travel to other universities to compete while individuals playing Intramural Sports compete against other members of the AUM community.

Each Sport Club cost a different amount. Some are free while other varies pertaining to the activity. Costs may vary between free or having some cost to participate. For more information please contact or 334-244-3933.

Any current AUM student, faculty of staff member is eligible to participate on a Club Sports team. You must first contact the club you are interested in to find out when they hold practices or try-outs.  Many clubs hold general information sessions at the beginning of each semester to recruit interested new members. To complete the process, you must register with the sport club you are interested in and turn in all paper work to the Campus Recreation office located in the Wellness Center.

Sport Clubs in good standing can apply to receive money from the Student Government Association and/or Campus Recreation. Clubs may also hold fundraisers and collect member dues. First year clubs will not receive any university money and will need to fundraise and collect member dues to fund their clubs.  

Any AUM student, faculty, or staff member is eligible to participate in the club in all practices and social activities. Some clubs will have tryouts for traveling or competitive teams as not all participants are guaranteed equal return on their investment.

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