About Montgomery

Montgomery, Alabama, is a vibrant, diverse city with a population of more than 230,000 residents. It's the capital of Alabama and has a deep, rich history. Montgomery is in the middle of a renaissance, with a downtown that is booming. Most of the coolest developments are growing along the Riverwalk, where you'll find awesome new restaurants, entertainment venues, baseball and so much more. In the corner of the Riverfront Park, you'll find The Amphitheater that seats about 6,000 people and hosts a steady stream (pardon the pun) of concerts, plays and special events. With the Alabama River directly behind the stage, it's doubtful you'll find a concert venue with a more spectacular view.

Montgomery has a thriving arts scene. What may be the greatest Shakespeare Festival outside of the London's Globe Theater is just down the road; it draws actors from all over the world and their productions are spectacular. You'll also find galleries, ballet, concert venues — as much entertainment as your studies will allow.

If you're into the outdoors, Montgomery has awesome access to the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course, there are tons of hiking and biking trails and there is always the river.

If you are looking to get away, Montgomery's central location makes it an easy jumping-off-point to the mountains, the beach and bigger cities like Birmingham, Atlanta or Nashville.


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