Writing Across the Curriculum For Faculty

General WAC Statement for Syllabi: 

AUM’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program

This writing-intensive course is in partial completion of AUM’s 5-course WAC program requirement. Requirements: Because this is a writing-intensive course, students will be required to complete a minimum of 4 written products; students will have opportunities for prewriting, drafting, feedback (peer and/or individual), and revision during the drafting of at least one of these written products.

WAC Intern: All fall and spring content-area writing-intensive courses are assigned a WAC intern to support you with writing instruction, feedback, and improvement. 

Assessment: All students will be rated on their writing skills at the end of the semester using the WAC rubric template. During Spring terms, students’ writing skills (even years) and critical thinking skills (odd years) will be assessed in class with CAAP testing.