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Career Counseling

The career planning process starts with you!  What are your interests, values, goals, and what information do you need to make an informed career or major decision?  The Career Development Center assists with career advisement and exploration of different career options within your major.

Make an Informed Career Decision & Find Out How to Put A Degree To Work

Introducing FOCUS2: Your career guide for good decision making!

Career assessments heighten self-understanding and assist with career decision-making. They help students identify unique interests, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics.  The AUM Career Development Center uses an on-line career assessment tool, FOCUS2, to assist you in learning how your unique blend of skills, interests, and values are used in the workplace. 

FOCUS2 is the university’s online career assessment tool designed to help students select the right major, explore career options within each major, and establish a plan to achieve career goals.

Create your FOCUS2 account to begin your career exploration!  Contact the Career Development Center for access information.