Peer Advocate Program

What is a Peer Advocate?

A Peer Advocate supports fellow AUM students, serving as a leader on campus while connecting students to community resources and engaging them in campus projects. They also help provide students with the basic tools and support to address barriers to success.


  • Support/Mentor students.
  • Develop and implement programming for the campus community.
  • Engage students in community activities and other supportive educational events.
  • Complete other program expectations, such as an initial training and 2 group meetings a month with other Peer Advocates.


  • Develop a peer and professional network.
  • Develop and enhance leadership skills.
  • Build on your resume.


  • Commit to a minimum of 1 semester of Peer Advocacy.
  • Have completed at least 12 credit hours of college courses.
  • Be in good academic standing and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Have an interest in serving students and the community.
  • Have an ability to relate to students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Express an interest in working collaboratively with other Peer Advocates.
  • Lead by example and be reliable.
  • Understand your role as a leader, mentor, and role model.
  • Be willing to be actively engaged in all peer advocate and student events.

Apply to Become a Peer Advocate