Census Data Disbursement Policy

Census Date Disbursement Policy

The Financial Aid Office has the following disbursement policy for financial aid which is applied to all students receiving financial aid for every term of the academic year. The objective is to deliver eligible financial aid in the most timely manner possible, with less paperwork required from students.
Official Enrollment Levels

If you are not sure about your enrollment, please consult the chart below: (Note: The chart below applies to all terms, including Summer)

Student Level Full time 3/4 time Half time Less than 1/2 time
Undergraduate 12 + 9-11 6-8 1-5
Post-baccalaureate 12 + 9-11 6-8 1-5
Graduate 9 + N/A 4.5-8 1-4

Disbursement Policy Summary

  • Aid disbursement begins before the beginning of each term for students who are enrolled at least half-time and who have met all other aid eligibility requirements.
  • The Census Date is the date during the term in which the Financial Aid Office determines the student's final official enrollment for the term. Any adjustments to enrollment prior to or after the Census Date are not factored into the student's eligibility for the term unless the student totally withdraws from the term (see Withdrawals section above). The Census Date is the start date of the 2nd half term session each semester. This Census Date is used for all terms, including summer session.

    Financial aid for the term will be adjusted to reflect the student’s official enrolled credits as of the Census Date. That is, if the student received aid at the beginning of the term that was calculated for full-time enrollment, or the student was enrolled full-time and then dropped credits, aid will be revised to match their eligibility based on the number of credits enrolled as of the Census Date.

  • When a reduction in aid is required due to a student’s official enrollment level on the Census Date, the reduction usually creates a balance due on the student’s AUM student account. If there is a tuition refund because of dropping credits, the tuition refund will be used to reduce the balance due on the student’s account.
  • Pell Grant eligibility is based on whether a student is enrolled full-time, 3/4-time , 1/2-time, or less than 1/2-time at census date. Students that reduce their enrollment status prior to the census date will have their Pell Grants for the semester reduced to an amount that reflects their enrollment level. For example, a student enrolled in 12 hours that has been paid full-time Pell drops/withdraws from 6 hours. The student's Pell award will be reduced by 50% of full-time Pell initially disbursed, and the student will be billed for the 50% reduction. 

Contact the Financial Aid Office prior to changing enrollment to verify impact on financial aid awarded and/or disbursed.