Your Property

Lockers to store your items while on campus are located in The Wellness Center and other academic buildings.


  • Use a combination padlock on all storage units. Check the unit periodically to make sure nothing has been disturbed.

  • Don’t mark your key chain with your name, address and/or license number. Lost keys can lead to theft. Take care of keys; don’t give anyone the chance to duplicate them.

  • Engrave all valuable personal property with your name and a unique number known only to you. Keep a detailed list of all valuables and serial numbers.  Keep a copy of this list at your permanent residence as a backup.

  • Move valuables out of view from windows and doors.

  • Lock your vehicle and residence at all times.

  • Copy all important papers and cards that you carry in your purse or wallet, including your driver’s license. Keep the copies in a safe place. The information will be invaluable if anything is stolen or lost.

  • Copy your vehicle ID and tag number. If your vehicle is stolen, it cannot be entered into the nationwide law enforcement network without this information