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Future female math wizards gather at AUM for Sonia Kovalevsky Day

by User Not Found | Dec 13, 2013
SKDay2013_WNThe Department of Mathematics held the 2013 Sonia Kovalevsky Day on Saturday, Nov. 16, on the Auburn Montgomery campus. The event brought more than 40 middle and high school-aged women from across the River Region to AUM to explore mathematics and potential careers involving mathematics.

The keynote address, "Finding the Best Path," was given by Dr. Katie Johnson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Florida Gulf Coast University. Students were able to choose from several hands-on workshops, including Alphametic Puzzles, Living without Debt, Programming a Simple Video Game, and Tessellmania.

Additionally, the students participated in a question and answer session with a panel composed of successful female professionals who use mathematics every day in their career. The career panel featured professionals in accounting, engineering, physical therapy, biology and psychology, including AUM's Michelle Taliaferro (Lecturer, Department of Biology) and Clarissa Chavez (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology).

The event was sponsored by the Department of Mathematics, the School of Sciences, the Office of the Provost, University Outreach, the Office of Enrollment, and University Relations. More information can be found on the event’s website -
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