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Auburn University at Montgomery Strategic Plan September 2013 – August 2018

by Josh Coats | Jul 11, 2013

After many months and thoughtful input from more than 100 people representing students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community leaders, the strategic plan is complete.  Throughout the process of developing the next strategic plan for Auburn Montgomery, people were asked to think about the mission of the University and their vision for its future.  The AUM family responded.  They shared their thoughts, perspectives, vision, values, and ideas.  They identified what they don’t like, what they are hoping for, and what new and innovative ideas they’ve had but never shared.  All of this information was useful in developing a plan, including a few important statements that describe and communicate significant information about us. 

We now have an identity statement that describes who we are. 

The new mission statement clearly communicates why we exist and what we do. 

The AUM family identified seven core values that represent the University community.

The vision outlines aspirations of where we want to be as a University in five years.

We shall submit the 2013-18 Strategic Plan to the Board of Trustees, through President Gogue, for its review and approval at the Board's Sept. 13 meeting.  Following Board approval, the plan will be forwarded to the appropriate regulating/accrediting bodies, and we shall begin work to achieve its goals and objectives.

During the next few months, we shall implement several initiatives designed to inform and educate the campus about the new statements, the core values, and the plan.  To most effectively represent AUM and communicate the AUM story and future plans, it is imperative that each member of the AUM family learns this information. 

So that’s it, right?  Not quite…

Now the hard but rewarding work of implementing the plan begins.  Just as the mission and core values should represent all parts of the University, each employee will have their role to play to ensure that together we successfully accomplish the goals of the strategic plan. 

Help your AUM family shape AUM’s future.  Take ten minutes to read the plan and see how you can help.

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