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Medieval Studies Minor

Program Description

This minor offers students an interdisciplinary understanding of Europe in the Middle Ages, conventionally defined as ca.500 to ca.1500, at and advanced undergraduate level.

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Department of History and World Languages and Cultures
Dr. Jan Bulman
Auburn University at Montgomery

Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this minor requires. Students may have to take additional courses to fulfill the pre-requisites of the required courses.

Course # Course Name
ENGL 4130 Monsters in Literature and Film
ENGL 4150 Medieval Literature
ENGL 4160 Chaucer
ENGL 4840 Studies in Literary Form (must be approved)
HIST 3230 Early Medieval England
HIST 3240 Medieval Europe, 1000–1500
HIST 3620 The Crusades
HIST 3970 Special Topics in History (must be approved)
HIST 4230 Women in Medieval Society
HIST 4240 Magic and Witchcraft before 1700
HIST 4310 The Renaissance
HIST 4340 Medieval England
HIST 4972 Advanced Special Topics (must be approved)
VISU 3090 Medieval Art
VISU 4972 Special Topics in the Visual Arts: The Gothic Cathedral
VISU 3640 Northern Renaissance Art