IT Policies

Directives from Auburn University, the State of Alabama, and federal legislation are major factors in determining the policies and procedures that must be implemented to manage information technology at Auburn University Montgomery. As the provider of the physical network, major services and applications, security, and infrastructure information technology, Information Technology Services and its departments are charged with implementing the following information technology policies here on campus.

Policies that apply to AUM faculty, staff and students:

Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy, Mar. 2007 (pdf)

Wireless Policy, February 8, 2008

Podcasting Policy, February 2, 2009

Policies that apply to AUM faculty and staff:

Computer Access to Student Records, May 15, 2007 (pdf)

Employee E-mail Policy, June 21, 2007 (pdf)

Registration and Security Policy for AUM Server, June 7, 2007 (pdf)

Social Security Number (SSN) Protection Policy, June 2008 (pdf)

User Password Policy, July 2010 (pdf) 

For more information on AUM IT policies, please contact Tobias Mense, CIO.

Tobias Mense
105C Clement Hall

Fax 334-244-3060