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Instructional Technology

The Instructional Support group provides many resources and services to promote the use of technology in the teaching and learning environment.  Included in these services included are multimedia development, online teaching and learning resources, video and audio streaming, videoconferencing facilities and workshops and seminars that introduce faculty to the various technologies that AUM provide.

Instructional Support's functions include:

  • Blackboard management.
  • Supporting the Faculty Development Institute.
  • Providing classroom technology development, installation, management and maintenance.
  • Providing instructional software support including development and modifications.
  • Providing videoconferencing facility management and maintenance.
  • Supporting innovative classroom IT initiatives.
  • Testing and evaluating new technology.
  • Being the primary source for audiovisual, media and technology support.  


  Instructional Support Point of Contact
  Equipment reservations   Rachael Mann x 3352 or 3353
  Blackboard   Swati Dey x 3124
  Classroom equipment problems              Lyn Cardwell x 3217 or Chris Reeves x 3949    
  Video conferencing   Lyn Cardwell x 3217 or Chris Reeves x 3949 



Instructional Support- Classroom Technology
102 Clement Hall
Instructional Support- Blackboard and Multimedia Production
126 Goodwyn Hall

For all non-AUM affiliated groups, IT Equipment can be rented for your event on campus.  For pricing inquiries, please contact us at