Information for Graduating Students

Watch AUM Commencement online live! 

The last day to apply for Fall 2018 graduation is August 31st. Apply online in MyAUM with Webster.

The last day to apply for Spring 2019 graduation is January 25, 2019. Apply online in MyAUM with Webster.​

Family and friends unable to attend the ceremony can watch AUM graduation live online.

Clicking the link above will take you to a new page. Once there, click on the current semester in the list on the left, and then choose the morning or afternoon ceremony.

The live feed will begin when the ceremony begins.

Instructions for the Commencement Ceremony

The December 15, 2018 Commencement ceremony will be held at the AUM Athletics Complex (Gym).  There will be two ceremonies (10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.) lasting approximately 1 ½ hours each.

  • 10:00 a.m. ceremony for the College of Business, the College of Nursing & Health Sciences, and the College of Sciences
  • 2:00 p.m. ceremony for the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Rehearsal — Pre-Ceremony

First Ceremony
Place: Taylor Center 230
Time:  candidates arrive by 8:30 am for pre-ceremony instructions/rehearsal
Second Ceremony
Place: Taylor Center 230
Time: candidates arrive by 12:30 pm for pre-ceremony instructions/rehearsal

During this assembly, candidates will be provided with all the information they need to know regarding the ceremonial procedures. Please be prompt and bring your cap and gown. If you are not present for the pre-ceremony rehearsal, you will be denied participation. Personal belongings may be left in Taylor Center 230 during the ceremony, where a security security guard will be on duty. We ask that all belongings be removed immediately after the ceremony.

Appropriate Dress for the Ceremony

Black clothing under the gown and black shoes are preferred. Your cap and gown must be picked up before the day of graduation. Please pick them up in the Warhawk Shop Bookstore.

The gown for a candidate receiving a bachelor’s degree should fall to the knee and has long bell sleeves.

The gown for a candidate receiving a master’s degree should fall to the knee and has a sleeve that requires the wearer to poke the arms out through a slit at the elbow. The rest of the sleeve dangles to about the knee.  

hood is worn over the master’s gown. Registrar’s Office staff will assist with its placement.

The cap for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees is the mortarboard with tassel. 

Undergraduate students qualifying for academic honors cords (summa, magna, cum) may pick up their cords at the pre-ceremony prior to the ceremony. (If a candidate, graduate or undergraduate, is to receive a cord from any other organization, such as honor societies and Panhellenic, these cords must be picked up from the sponsor before the day of commencement.)

Special Needs

If a candidate for graduation has a disability that may require specific materials, services, or assistance, please contact the Registrar's Office at  

If a guest has a disability that may require specific materials, service, or assistance, call the Registrar's Office at This would include reserved seating for guests who are unable to climb into the bleachers and the hearing impaired. These requests should be made by the Thursday before commencement to assure that requests may be honored.

Graduation Information 

Registration: All graduating students must be registered at AUM during the term of graduation. You should be registered for “REGL - Registration Only” if:

  • you are not taking coursework at AUM this term; or 
  • you are resolving a grade of incomplete in a course; or 
  • you are taking a comprehensive examination only. 

Incomplete Grades: Resolve all incomplete grades and ask your instructor to please submit a grade change to the AUM Registrar’s Office by 10 a.m., Thursday, December 13.

  • You may not graduate with an incomplete on your record.  
  • Grades will be changed to “F” or “U” if not resolved before graduation.  
  • No grades can be changed after the degree is awarded.​

Final Grades: All grades for graduating students are due by 12 p.m., Thursday, December 13.

Please remind your instructors that you are planning to graduate. All AUM faculty members are notified of the requirements for early grade reporting and the possible necessity for early final examinations.

Transfer Work: If you are taking coursework at another institution this term, the AUM Registrar’s Office must receive official verification of the course(s) and grade(s) from the other institution(s) by 12 p.m., Monday, December 17.

If you cannot get an official transcript mailed to us before the deadline, please have a school official fax the grade to AUM Registrar's Office, Attn: Registrar's Office at 334-244-3993.

  • Your diploma will be placed on hold until we receive the official transcript. 
  • We must receive the official transcript from the school within 10 working days after graduation to award the degree.
  • You may be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony and receive a blank diploma cover.

Honors: Undergraduate academic honors. Graduate students do not receive academic honors.

  • A minimum of 50 resident hours at AUM is required to be eligible for academic honors.  
  • All undergraduate coursework, including repeated and forgiven courses, is counted in honors determination.
  • Honors are based on both the AUM and OVERALL GPA. The lower of the two GPAs determines the honors designations.
  • We will determine honors after all current grades are received. 

AUM Residency Hours: Candidates for graduation must complete at least 30 hours at AUM to meet the graduation requirement.

Graduation Confirmation:  Confirmation of degrees does not begin until all grades are submitted (10 a.m. the Thursday before graduation). Candidates should not call the AUM Registrar’s Office to inquiry about graduation qualifications being met. Please contact your advisor if you have concerns.