Imagine. Invest. Inspire. - A campaign for Auburn University at Montgomery

Message From the Chancellor

Message From the Chancellor

We have started to implement a major strategic plan, for which our guiding principles have been Imagine – Invest – Inspire. AUM’s continued growth in confidence and influence is reflected in new developments on campus.

At AUM, we Imagine innovations that respond to national issues, such as the improvement of student writing. Our Master’s of Teaching Writing, whose first class enters Fall 2015, is one of the few in the country. It addresses a real need across the nation for better writing by producing better writing teachers. The degree has been praised as innovative by a major scholar in the field, and prospective employers have already offered to support students in the program.

Innovation is happening in every corner of the College of Business.  Across the board, the College has revamped their undergraduate curriculum to offer a more integrated approach to business, making students better equipped and more marketable after graduation.

We Invest in AUM students and faculty. A new Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) will promote even better teaching at AUM.  Like knives sharpening each other, faculty will engage with one another regarding the best approaches to teaching and learning. Guest speakers will share the newest, most innovative and effective teaching strategies. CELT’s ultimate goal is the enhancement of learning for AUM’s students, leading to greater student success.

AUM has invested in a major reorganization. We’ve restructured the Schools into Colleges to produce new synergies for the university. This administrative overhaul aims to enhance collaboration across disciplines, better serve students, and engage the community. The College of Public Policy and Justice, for example, will serve the needs of state and local government as the College of Nursing and Health Sciences will serve the health needs of our state.

AUM’s students Inspire confidence in AUM’s future. Last summer, nearly 70 students engaged with the global community as they travelled to eight countries. We are proud of AUM liberal arts major Jessica Meuse, who became a finalist on American Idol in its thirteenth season. This spring, a student-run art gallery will open downtown. Not only will it display student art and enable AUM students to learn how to run a gallery, but students will work with professional artists organizing displays of their art.

One of the great parts of my role is chancellor is that I get to interact with our faculty and students on a daily basis. AUM’s faculty are internationally known scholars who still make the classroom their first priority. Dr. Lee Farrow, associate professor of history, has just published Alexis in America: A Russian Grand Duke’s Tour, 1871-1872, as well as spearheading the new Center for Learning and Teaching. Dr. Bob Evans has not only written or edited 28 books, but he is also a Distinguished Teaching Professor and Ida Belle Young Professor. Our students, 90% of them from the river and region and 60% first generation college students, are the beneficiaries of such excellence! And they work hard to take advantage of the opportunity to study with such distinguished teachers and scholars.

At AUM it is an honor to be part of educating this next generation of students. But we cannot do it alone. We need the generous support of our alumni and friends. And we must continue to build partnerships with students, faculty, staff and the Montgomery community.

John G. Veres III '76