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Michele Olson, PhD

Michele Olson, PhD

Professor of Exercise Physiology
Ida Belle Young Professor (professorship)

My name is Dr. Michele Olson and I am an Endowed Professor of Exercise Science.

I know from personal experience that endowments are invaluable to educators in their drive to deliver excellence. As an Ida Bell Young endowed professor, I am grateful to have the opportunity to increase research, to travel and share this research, and evolve significant information that can contribute to the textbooks.  These experiences allow me to educate our students with more than just theory. I am able to more fully engage my undergraduate and graduate students in the hands-on process of discovering and defining new knowledge. Collectively, these experiences contribute greatly to be a driving force in the discipline of exercise physiology.

The AUM Wellness Center is my department’s new home. Our new research laboratories: The Veres Human Performance Lab and the Scharff-Olson Kinesiology Lab are housed in the Wellness Center.  The laboratories are places where professors work directly with AUM students as well as citizens of the River Region in researching and evaluating a wide variety of fitness and exercise-related programs and products. The potential to increase our on-going services to the community and receive new grants and funding at Auburn Montgomery is now dramatically increased.


Dr. Michele Olson spoke to alumni, friends and supports of AUM at the Campaign Kick-off Gala on November 1, 2012.