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Donor and Scholar Recognition Luncheon

Donor and Scholar Recognition Luncheon

On March 19, 2015, Auburn University at Montgomery hosted its first Donor and Scholar Recognition Luncheon.  A joint effort between the Office of Advancement and the Office of Admissions, the goal of the luncheon was to bring scholarship donors together with their scholarship recipients.  Students were able to meet and thank those who have made their education possible, and donors were able to see the effect of their generosity first hand.

One of the highlights of the program was the student speaker, Kelhi DePace.  Kelhi was a 2013-2014 recipient of the Guin Nance Endowed Scholarship in the Department of English, as well as the AUM History Department Fair-Robinson Endowed Scholarship.  Kelhi is double majoring in History and English and plans to graduate in December 2015.  She has maintained a 4.0 GPA during her time at Auburn Montgomery and plans to pursue a master’s degree after she graduates.  In addition to all her hard work inside the classroom, Kelhi also works as a docent at the Alabama Department of Archives and History and as an editor of the AUM Historical Review. 

Kelhi said the following about her time at AUM, “I could not be more satisfied with the ways in which AUM has prepared me to succeed.  I am thankful for my parents who prepared me and my family members who continue to encourage me in my academic pursuits.  I am thankful for my professors who care deeply about my progress and my future as a scholar.  But I am especially grateful to those who have given to the students of AUM and have invested in our future.”

Mrs. Linda Sayers was able to meet the first recipient of her scholarship, the David L. Sayers Endowed Scholarship in the Auburn Montgomery College of Business.  The scholarship is named for her late husband, who taught accounting at AUM for nineteen years.  Linda said, “My scholarship recipient was delightful.  Having the time to talk to him and learn about his plans and goals reminded me that establishing a scholarship to honor my husband’s memory was about more than just my husband.  David loved teaching and enjoyed his students so much.  I am so glad I had this opportunity to redirect my focus to the purpose of the endowment and the students that will benefit from our gift.  I hope to be able to involve our daughters in future luncheons so that they can also experience the satisfaction of funding the scholarship.”

The next Donor and Scholar Recognition Luncheon will take place on November 6, 2015, and in the future will be an annual event hosted every fall.