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Authur Harwood

Authur Harwood

My name is Arthur Harwood and because AUM believed in me, I will graduate from Auburn Montgomery in the spring of 2013.

Throughout high school, I was never too concerned with academics. My report cards usually had teacher comments like “has potential.” After graduating from high school, attending college was not at the top of my list. However, after a while I realized I would continue living paycheck to paycheck unless I earned a college degree. I chose AUM because it would allow me to continue working while I took introductory courses to figure out what I wanted to study.

I chose accounting as my major because I am interested in business in general and I knew that accounting is the language of business. What I didn’t know at the time is that I would truly become inspired by the study and practice of accounting. And I owe much of this inspiration to the faculty in the accounting department.

Even as I became more interested in accounting and began earning A’s and B’s I continued to lack confidence in my ability. One day I received an official looking envelope at the end of class from Dr. Kamnikar. I opened it to find a letter congratulating me on receiving a merit based scholarship from Aldridge, Borden, and Company, a Montgomery CPA firm. At that moment I had confirmation that all my decisions up to that point were right. That the work I was putting in was right. I knew at that moment that my teachers believed in me. I knew that members of the community cared enough to believe in me. And most importantly, at that moment, I realized I had to start really believing in myself. 
Since then I have become much more involved on campus, representing the business school at various functions as an ambassador and tutoring accounting and statistics courses at the Learning Center. I am involved with my classmates; I know their names, I know their goals and dreams, I know when something seems wrong with them and I know when things are going well with them.

This spring I will graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting and I could not be more grateful for arriving at AUM. Ultimately, I am thankful for your inspiration and support, you truly have made my college experience one that will benefit me for years to come.


Arthur spoke at the Campaign Kick-off Gala on November 1, 2012. Listen to Arthur's speech and see the impact the scholarships he received had on him!