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Donor Spotlight

  • Gary and Susan Soriano Gary and Susan Soriano

    Gary Soriano, franchise operator of the Chick-fil-A® restaurant at EastChase, and his wife Susan will offer their employees scholarship opportunities to attend Auburn Montgomery.

    The Gary and Susan Soriano Chick-fil-A Scholarship is a five-year, $25,000 commitment that will fund an endowed scholarship to benefit a Chick-fil-A at EastChase employee who attends or will attend AUM. While the endowment is being funded over the five-year period, the Sorianos are also offering a $1,000 annual scholarship.  Gary benefited from the S. Truett Cathy Leadership Scholarship that helped him attend AUM when he was a Chick-fil-A team member 28 years ago.

    "Susan and I were inspired by Chick-fil-A Founder S. Truett Cathy and his passion for education," said Gary, who attended AUM using a $1,000 S. Truett Cathy Leadership Scholarship. "We want to continue his legacy of generosity by helping our employees attend my Alma Mater.

    "My AUM education has been instrumental in my career as a Chick-fil-A operator. The AUM students who work in our restaurant provide us with a strong core of talented team members and leadership. In fact, the majority of our leadership staff is made up of current AUM students and AUM graduates. Susan and I wanted to find a way to help some of these very talented young people attain their goals."