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Donor Spotlight

  • Frank and Tricia Grier Frank and Tricia Grier

    Frank and Tricia Grier understand that the path from high school graduation to college commencement doesn’t always run smoothly. A Wetumpka native, Frank was the first person in his family to go to college, earning a B.S. in design, technology and innovation from Troy University and an M.S. in human environmental sciences from the University of Alabama. Frank met Tricia who was working full-time at AmSouth Bank while attending Auburn Montgomery. They married in 1990 and, with the support of Frank, Tricia graduated from AUM in 1992. “I have to give a lot of credit to actually finishing my degree to my best friend, my husband,” Tricia said. “I had already been going to school for ten long years when Frank and I married. It would have been very easy to quit once we met and married, but during the time we dated he occasionally drove by the business school parking lot to leave a sweet note or something special for me to find on my car when I got out of class at 10 p.m. He was also supportive during our first two years of marriage, when working full-time and taking classes every evening left very little time for anything else.”

    Frank is currently Director of Institutional Technology at Huntingdon College, where Tricia serves as Director of Travel and Event Planning. They have pledged a generous bequest to AUM to fund the Frank and Tricia Grier Endowed Fellowship in the AUM School of Business. “Our education set the stage for what we would accomplish the rest of our lives,” Tricia said. “When we started to explore how to expend our assets once our Lord decides our time on earth is done, since we have no children of our own, we knew we wanted to do something that could make a huge impact in the lives of others. To choose the establishment of endowed scholarships seemed the obvious choice to pay forward the blessings we received in our education.”

    The Griers encourage others to consider making a gift to AUM and other higher education institutions. They believe, in these difficult economic times, higher education is key to the sustainable recovery of the national and global economy. “Don’t tell yourself that what you have to give is not enough to make a difference,” Tricia said. “Most people don’t understand how endowed scholarships work and immediately think the agreements are too complicated and only for wealthy folks – wrong! Call the Advancement Office and find out just how far a minimum endowment will grow and continue to give for years to come. Even a small gift will make a significant impact to deserving students, not to mention the blessing you will receive as the donor.”