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Donor Spotlight

  • Dr. Keivan Deravi Dr. Keivan Deravi

    One of the many exciting aspects of the recent academic reorganization of Auburn University at Montgomery was the formation of the new College of Public Policy and Justice.  Comprised of the departments of Political Science and Public Administration, Justice and Public Safety, Economics, Sociology, and Army ROTC, the college will prepare its students with the education and skills necessary to enter today’s competitive job market.  By bringing these departments together under one roof, the college will be able to give focus to those programs who previously played a supporting role and in the process make a difference in the lives of the students. 

    In addition to serving its students, the college also plans to be a valuable resource to the larger community.  Perfectly situated in the Alabama state capitol, the College will be able to provide research and expertise to various sectors of government and be an active partner in the state’s major decision making.  The college’s Dean, Dr. Keivan Deravi, has taught Economics at AUM for over thirty years, and during that time has become a leading consultant on state and national economic affairs.  “I want the College of Public Policy and Justice to be a think tank resource to provide solutions to government and businesses.”

    Dr. Deravi is not only the first Dean of the College of Public Policy and Justice, he is also its first major donor.  “I wanted to give back to the organization who has given me everything,” said Dr. Deravi.  “This scholarship is a way for me to show my appreciation to AUM for letting me work here for thirty years.”  The Deravi and Soltani Endowed Scholarship (named for Dr. Deravi and his wife, Fariba, who is also an employee of AUM) will go to an outstanding student majoring in any department within the College of Public Policy and Justice.  “I wanted to give someone else the opportunity to benefit and excel from his or her education and see the happiness and satisfaction in others that I have achieved.”