Imagine. Invest. Inspire. - A campaign for Auburn University at Montgomery

Donor Spotlight

  • Carl Whatley Jr. Carl Whatley Jr.

    Carl Whatley’s heart led him to Auburn Montgomery. After meeting his wife, Marjorie, his future father-in-law told him if he wanted to marry his daughter he needed to get a college education. Certain that he had found his partner in life, Carl needed to select the right university where he could pursue the education needed to gain her father’s blessing. “I chose AUM, and the faculty I met there and the education I got there showed me that I could succeed at whatever I chose to do with my life,” Carl said. “My professors believed in me and, what’s more, helped me to believe in myself. I left there much more confident in my abilities than when I started.” Carl graduated from AUM in 1983 with a B.A. in general studies. He began his career in pharmaceuticals at Wyeth Laboratories and worked there for 20 years until founding ProEthic Pharmaceuticals in 2001. He went on to establish Midlothian Laboratories LLC in 2003, which sells and markets generic pharmaceutical products. Carl grew ProEthic into a $40 million company before selling it to Kowa Pharmaceuticals in 2008. He retired as chairman and CEO of ProEthic in 2009. He is currently serving as chief executive officer of Cendalor Partners, which he founded to identify and invest in companies developing niche pharmaceutical products for the U.S. market.

    Carl is chair of Auburn Montgomery’s Imagine. Invest. Inspire. campaign. He serves on the university’s Chancellor’s Advisory Board and he and Marjorie are members of the AUM Chancellor’s Society and 1967 Society. They are also life members of the AUM and Auburn University alumni associations. “I enjoy staying connected to an institution that means so much to me,” Carl said. “I’m convinced that AUM is already the crown jewel of higher education in the River Region and, still, it is teeming with even more potential. I’m also convinced that, through continued involvement with the university, AUM’s alumni and friends can help it reach that potential.” Carl and Marjorie have pledged $1.25 million to Auburn Montgomery to support AUM’s Schools of Business, Education and Liberal Arts, the AUM Library, and the AUM Wellness Center. He encourages others with the means to make a gift to the university as well.

    “I can think of few investments that are more satisfying or worthwhile,” Carl said. “You can rest in the knowledge that your gift will be used according to your wishes and that many will
    benefit for years to come. There is no greater gift than a good education.”