Imagine. Invest. Inspire. - A campaign for Auburn University at Montgomery

Imagine a university where talented and motivated students are nurtured by equally talented and motivated faculty and become successful entrepreneurs, public servants, and scientists on the frontlines in the fight against world hunger and disease. Auburn University at Montgomery is such a university, but it can be so much more. For more than 40 years, AUM has provided an outstanding education to students studying nursing, science, business, education, and the liberal arts. Our alumni have gone out into the world and made a difference in their communities.

Invest in a university with a stellar reputation. As the university continues to grow and recruit the best and brightest students at home and abroad, you can invest in scholarship opportunities for these future leaders. With your help, improved facilities would help AUM faculty make new discoveries benefitting all of humanity. That’s what “Imagine, Invest, Inspire” is all about – providing Auburn Montgomery’s students and faculty the resources to excel in the classroom and, as a result, in life.

Inspire the next generation of leaders by your support. Your generosity will impact generations. Much like a pebble dropped into a pond, your gift will ripple outward into our community, state, nation, and beyond. Your loyalty and commitment will touch the lives of students and faculty and all those they come in contact with. Wherever they go, whatever they accomplish, you will be a part of it.

AUM Meets Campaign Goal

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