How to Register Your Vehicle

Registration is required for all Faculty/Staff and Student vehicles, whether they require a permit purchase or not.

Before you begin 

You will need the following information to register your vehicle: Vehicle tag number, model year, color, make (e.g., Toyota), and model (e.g., 4-Runner).  

You will also need to print two copies of your temporary parking permit, so we recommend you register at a computer where you have access to a printer.

How to register (Students, Faculty/Staff)

  1. Access the registration system by logging into the MyAUM portal.

  2. Click on Webster Registration System.
  3. Click on AUM Vehicle Registration. (You may be asked to complete your AUM demographic registration before you can proceed. This information is for AUM’s use only and is not shared with the third-party vendor). 
  4. Accept the terms for AUM Parking Registration and enter your mobile number or the best number to reach you when you’re on campus. (You’ll need to accept the terms stating that you have read and agree to abide by the AUM Parking Policy. You can see policy highlights on this page, or visit the official AUM Parking Policy.)
  5. Request Permit. On the next screen, you should see the following:

    -Request a Permit 

    -Reprint Temporary Permit


    -Citations History.

    Select Request a Permit. You will select the appropriate/desired permit offered to you (scroll down to the end of this section for information on permits available to Faculty/Staff and Resident and Non-Resident Students).

  6. Select the academic term for which you are requesting a permit.
  7. Enter your vehicle information. (Faculty/Staff see information on adding vehicles in the Faculty/Staff FAQ on this page. Students, see information on adding vehicles in the Students FAQ on this page.)
  8. Print your temporary permit. Once you’ve completed your registration, the system will display your temporary permit. You should print out two copies immediately (one to display in the rear driver’s side window of your vehicle and one to have on hand when you pay for your permit online or at the Office of Student Accounts). 
  9. Pay for/Pick up parking permits

Student Parking Permits

  • Non-Resident Student permits will be charged to your student accounts. After you register, take one copy of your temporary permit with you when you pick up your decal or tag from Campus Police. 
  • Resident Student permits are included in your housing fees, so you will not see an additional charge assessed. Your parking permits will be given to you on move-in day.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permit

  • Faculty/Staff General permits are available at no charge. After registering your vehicle(s), you simply pick up your permit(s) at Campus Police in Taylor Center (or any place designated by Campus Police for pickup).
  • Faculty Staff Reserved Permits cost $75 per employee. After registering your vehicle(s), you may pay for your permit(s) one of two ways:
    • WebPay: Simply log onto the MyAUM portal and click on WebPay Bill Payment and use your credit or debit card to make your payment. Print your receipt and take it to Campus Police to pick up your permit.
    • Office of Student Accounts: You may pay for permits with cash, check or credit cards at the Office of Student Accounts. Take your receipt to Campus Police to pick up your permit.

If you have any questions about parking permits or policy or have difficulty completing your registration, please contact campus police at or 334-244-3424.