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Hospitality and Tourism

Program Description

If you’d like to work and lead in a hotel, restaurant, resort or club setting, or work in local or state government’s economic development fields, a degree in Marketing with a focus on Hospitality and Tourism will prepare you for management positions in a growing industry. At AUM, Hospitality and Tourism is an option under the bachelor’s degree in Marketing .

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Department of Business Administration
Auburn University at Montgomery
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Course sampling specific to the Marketing major includes:

*The hospitality and tourism option includes the basic core MKTG courses in the marketing specialization; however, MKTG 4924 Internship in Marketing is also required. In addition, students in this option will focus on the hospitality and tourism industry when completing the major projects in MKTG 4360, MKTG 4410 and MKTG 4780.

Course Requirements

Course #

Course Name

Course Description

MKTG 4360

Marketing Research* 

The scientific examination of marketing phenomena to enhance a manager's ability to make better decisions by generating, transmitting, and interpreting consumer and environmental information used to identify and define marketing opportunities. Prerequisite MKTG 3310.

MKTG 4400

Professional Selling & Sales Management

Treats sales as an entry-level and career opportunity. Focus is on building and managing customer relationships as a key marketing strategy. Focus will be on students preparing and delivering sales presentations. Prerequisite MKTG 3310.

MKTG 4410

Buyer Behavior*

Buyer Behavior introduces the student to concepts and theories as they relate to consumer and business markets. This will include and analysis of internal and external influences on exchange decision making process. The frameworks are discussed in context of advertising/promotion, product management, and the development of effective marketing strategies. Prerequisite MKTG 3310.

MKTG 4650

International Marketing*

Covers the role of marketing in the global arena and the impact of culture, law, policies, ethics and other environmental variables on strategies for marketing goods and services in a global market. Prerequisite MKTG 3310, ECON 3050.

MKTG 4780

Marketing Strategy*

Planning and development of marketing strategies including opportunities assessment and competitive analysis. Focus on application to present the student with major marketing decision areas. Examines traditional and contemporary marketing strategy alternatives. Prerequisite MKTG 3310, MKTG 4360, MKTG 4410.

MKTG 4924

Internship in Marketing

Provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable insight through practical marketing experience so they may better correlate their academic experience with a professional, real-world environment. Business or marketing elective credit.

Marketing Electives — 6 semester hours