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Current University Policies

University Policy documents are not contracts.  The University Board of Trustees and authorized Executive Officers of the University maintain the exclusive discretion to exercise the customary function of institutional management to revise University Policy as they deem appropriate.

Academic Policies

Academic Program Review Policies and Procedures and Template January 2017

Attendance Policy  

 August 1, 2013

Classroom Behavior Policy August 1, 2013 
Grade Adjustment Policy August 1, 2013
Registration Cancellation Policy  
Student Academic Honesty Code   
Scientific Misconduct Policy July 28, 2009


Administrative Policies

Response in Imminent Danger

April 29, 2009

Social Security Number (SSN) Protection Policy  
Student Educational Records Policy and Procedures August 1, 2013
Athletic Team Travel Policy  
AUM Risk Management & Insurance  
Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct August, 2019
Title IX Grievance Procedures August, 2019
Title IX Complaint Form May, 2019
Substantive Change Monitoring Policy October 2013
Consulting Policy  


Campus Property and Facilities Policies

Candidate Access Policy 

March 3, 2009

Campus Parking Policy  April, 2015
Catering Policy June 1, 2009
Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy August 16, 2013
Facility Utilization Policies and Procedures March 30, 2009
Free Speech and Demonstration Policy August 1, 2013
Guidelines for Posting Signs on Campus August 1, 2013
Outdoor Property Placement Request February 2009
Drug Free Campus and Workplace Policy February 2017
Serving Alcohol on Campus May 1, 2007
Tobacco Policy September 2013
Trespassing on University Policy April 29, 2009
AUM Portable Space Heater Policy  
Temporary Ban on Hoverboards  


Faculty and Staff Policies

Policy on Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held at the University and/or Housed in University Facilities


Child Protection and Reporting of Child Abuse

May, 2019

Intimate Relations Policy

September 3, 2009

Media Relations Policy 

December 6, 2006

Policy Regarding Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment of Students

May, 2019

Policy Regarding Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment of Employees May, 2019

Policy Regarding Sex Discrimination

February, 2014

Social Media Policy 

September 1, 2011

Social Regulations Policy

August 1, 2013

12 & 15 Passenger Van Policy


Faculty Credentials Policy  
Office Learning Management System Policy December 12, 2016


Information Technology Policies

Cell Phone Policy August 2018
Clean Desk Policy December 2017
Computer Access to Student Records January 2007
Electronic Data Disposal Policy June 2017
Email Policy December 2017
Email Communication Policy  
Information Security and Awareness Training August 2017
Information Security Incident Reporting Policy August 2018
Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy December 2017
Mobile Device Encryption Policy December 2017
P2P File Sharing Policy  
PC Allocation and Refresh Policy August 2018
Physical Security for Payment Card Data August 2017
Podcasting Policy  
Server Policy June 2007
User Password Policy June 2010
Wireless Policy February 2008


Student Policies

Anti-Hazing Policy 

June 27, 2013

Refund Policy June 2008
Student Email Policy August 1, 2013