Chancellor's Cabinet

Carl A. Stockton

Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation
Cara Mia Braswell      

Associate Provost of Enrollment Management

Athletic Director
Jessie Rosa               

Chief Information Officer
Tobias Mense           

Deans Council Representative
Jean Leuner          

Department Heads Council Representative
Andrew Cortell        

Faculty Council President
Pia Knigge              

Faculty Council Past-President
Pam Long

Mrinal M. Varma          

Chief Campus Services Officer
Daryl Morris         

Chief Human Resources Officer
Jeanine Boddie-Lavan  

Executive Director, Strategic Communications & Marketing 
Marla Terranova Vickers       

Staff Council President
Kendra Morris

Student Government President 
Ethan Gregory

Vice Chancellor for Advancement 
Carolyn C. Golden    

Vice Chancellor for Financial & Administrative Services
Scott Parsons         

Vice Chancellor for Business and Community Engagement
Katherine A. Jackson 

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
Janice Lyn