Office of the Provost

Welcome to the Office of the Provost at Auburn University at Montgomery. As Acting Provost, it is my privilege to serve as the Chief Academic Officer for this university overseeing all academic programs and policies and the appointment, professional development and promotion of faculty.

The Provost Office also oversees the Office of International Affairs, Research and Graduate Programs, Office of Undergraduate Studies, Office of Enrollment Management, the Honors’ Program and other facets of the University. I am honored to work with our deans, department chairs, faculty, staff and students to create and sustain excellence and innovation in undergraduate and graduate education in our five academic schools (Business, Education, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Sciences). Along with our university leaders, the Provost Office is committed to fostering an environment that promotes excellence in teaching, research, scholarly inquiry and the development of new knowledge. To fulfill our mission, we must place a high premium on continued recruitment and retention of high-caliber faculty, and the exploration of innovative ways to serve our students and community. Through our combined efforts, AUM will continue to grow and develop into an educational and economic asset for Montgomery, the state of Alabama and the nation. Come join us at AUM for an outstanding and rewarding educational experience. AUM students are our top priority. Remember, without students, AUM would not exist.

About Dr. Joy Clark, Acting Provost

Dr. Clark, Associate Provost of Undergraduate Studies and Distinguished Teaching Professor of Economics, was appointed Acting Provost on October 1, 2016.  She began her tenure at AUM as a member of the Economics department in 1988 and served as Associate Dean of the College of Business from 2003-2011 before becoming interim, and later the permanent, Associate Provost in 2013.