Teaching and Learning Resources

Assess Teaching and Learning

Both Carnegie Melon University and Carleton College have detailed description of assessment related to teaching and learning, as well as goals and best practices to frame assessment efforts

Carnegie Melon University

Carleton College

Academic Dishonesty

Minnesota State University

Cheating and Plagiarism

Vanderbilt University 

Creating your Syllabus

Minnesota State University

Utah State: Video showing how Utah State's free, open-source syllabus creator works and how to get it.

Berkeley Teaching Center: Berkeley Teaching Center discusses the components of a Syllabus

Syllabus Rubric: Evaluate your Syllabus with this tool from Southern Methodist University

Writing Across the Curriculum Teaching Exchange

Colorado State University

Faculty Focus

“Students Place a Premium on Faculty Who Show They Care”

Strategies for Online Teaching

University of Michigan

Montana State University

Online Teaching Resources

Michigan State University

Tips on Writing Good Learning Objectives

Iowa State University

Class Size

Minnesota State University

Perils of PowerPoint

Minnesota State University

Making Better PowerPoint Presentations

Vanderbilt University

Resources for Teaching International Students

University of New Hampshire

Chronicle of Higher Education:  Top 10 Books on Teaching

Top 10 Books on Teaching

Bloom's Taxonomy

Vanderbilt University


Vanderbilt University

Flipping the Classroom

Vanderbilt University