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Faculty & Staff Space Reservations

For faculty and staff reserving a room, it’s best to call Conference Services at 244-3562 first to see which rooms are available and we will pencil you in tentatively until you make the request in the portal.

Please use the conferences portal at http://srez-web.aum.edu/StarRezConference to make your request.  Multiple entries for the same event can be completed on one form. 

For all AUM department sponsored events:

  1. You must secure the space through the Conference Services website.
  2. As a department sponsor, you are required to be present during the entire event.
  3. The group sponsored must be for an educationally related purpose to your department.
  4. You assume all responsibilities for the external client, including ascertaining the client’s needs for tables, tablecloths, chairs, podiums, trashcans and signage, and, if the event is outside, power. 
  5. You are also responsible for communicating setup needs to Conference Services.   Please be sure the client provides a diagram for setup and send to setups@aum.edu
  6. It is the pleasure of Conference Services to provide the following for your client as our resources permit:  Tables, tablecloths ($10 each), chairs, podiums, trashcans and signage (paying clients have priority over sign boxes).
  7. It is your responsibility to arrange all A/V and IT needs directly through Rachael Mann in ITS at rhicks1@aum.edu or 244-3352.
  8. Schedule the client’s catering directly through Chartwell’s, AUM Catering Services. You can reach Jan at catering@aum.edu or 244-3133.
  9. Schedule any security and bus parking needs directly with Campus Police Chief Mitchell at bmitch8@aum.edu or 244-3464.
  10. Schedule any shuttle services (required for events expecting over 100 vehicles on campus during classroom hours) with Anthony Rosa at arosa@aum.edu or 244-3166.
  11. Tent requests need to be communicated to Grounds at Sodexo mswicord@aum.edu or 244-3232.
  12. You assume all responsibilities for communicating the coordination of cleanup of the rented space with Facilities or Sodexo.  Contact hayden.hutchings@sodexo.edu (for Taylor Center or athletics complex) or kwilli15@aum.edu (for Library Tower or classrooms).
  13. No glitter, candles, silly string, confetti or tape on walls.
  14. If AUM Conference Services is called on to make any arrangements with the client, appropriate fees will be assessed, including room rental and administrative fees.


Setup for 10th Floor Library Tower
Setup for Taylor Center 221-223
Setup for Taylor Center 230
Setup for Goodwyn Hall Lobby