Political Film Series

Political Film Series

College of Public Policy & Justice, Political Science and Public Administration

13TH (2016; TV-MA) –– Black History Month feature

This documentary provides a brutally honest, informative and emotional portrayal of our current prison system and its evolution from slavery, one that “challenges your idea about the intersection of race, justice and mass incarceration in the United States” (New York Times). The movie includes archive footage, interviews (Angela Davis, Cory Booker, Brian Stevenson, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Michelle Alexander, and Newt Gingrich to name a few), and testimonies for formerly incarcerated men and women.

The film will be introduced by Dr. David Hughes, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, and is co-sponsored by the AUM-SPLC Club.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 7:00am
Goodwyn Hall 109