Meet a Mayor: Tim Ragland | AUM

Meet a Mayor: Tim Ragland

Meet a Mayor: Tim Ragland

Political Science and Public Administration

Ragland, a Talladega native, served eight years in the Army Reserve and obtained his associate degree from Marion Military Institute. After graduating from AUM, Ragland attended the Thomas Goode Jones Law School at Faulkner University. In 2017, Ragland worked on Senator Doug Jones’ election campaign where he gained valuable experience that led him to run for the Talladega mayoral office.  Ragland was elected.  He now serves as the mayor of Talladega, AL and recognized as the first ever African American mayor of the city...  and the youngest at 28 years of age.   

Chris Searcy, a popular journalist with Alabama News Network (WAKA TV) and the host of “Good Morning Chris” will moderate the meet and greet with Mayor Ragland. Searcy, a second-generation Nigerian immigrant, is a Political Science graduate of AUM (2018).  Searcy will conduct a very lively interview of Mayor Ragland and take plenty of questions from the audience.  

Light Refreshments will be served.

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Monday, February 24, 2020 - 6:00pm
Goodwyn Hall 109