***Homecoming: Philanthropy - Pennies from Heaven*** | AUM

***Homecoming: Philanthropy - Pennies from Heaven***

***Homecoming: Philanthropy - Pennies from Heaven***

Service is at the heart of all the homecoming events this year, and in this event, your organization/team has chance to give to the philanthropy of its choice. Pails will be set near each organization’s square with the goal of collecting pennies to donate to your philanthropy. The teams with the most pennies will be awarded first place Chancellor’s Cup points.

Chancellor’s Cup Point Breakdown:  500 points available

1st Place – 500pts.

2nd Place – 250pts.

3rd Place – 200 pts

(Remaining entries awarded in descending 25-point increments to tenth place; all remaining positions awarded 1 point.)


Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 8:00am