***Homecoming: Mural Walk Pregame - Chancellor's Cup Event 1" | AUM

***Homecoming: Mural Walk Pregame - Chancellor's Cup Event 1"

***Homecoming: Mural Walk Pregame - Chancellor's Cup Event 1"

Every student is given the opportunity to leave their mark on campus—literally. Each team will be given a square section of the quad sidewalk to serve as their home base for the week, complete with signage, packet folder, and supplies.

Each organization/team that registers to participate in the Chancellor’s Cup will turn their packet into the Homecoming HQ, which will be a tent and table set up between the Taylor Center and Goodwyn Hall.  All teams will receive a different colored silicone bracelet as part of identification among teams.

The first event calls for teams to decorate their own mural, incorporating their philanthropy organization in the design.  Materials will be provided on Monday to each team.  Each team can use supplies provided by Homecoming Headquarters if they choose.  

Teams are encouraged to work on their murals on the quad, but welcome to take their materials and design at their leisure.  All murals should be submitted no later than Friday at Noon to the Homecoming Headquarters tent located on the Quad.  All murals will be displayed at tailgating on Saturday.  

Chancellor’s Cup Points Breakdown: A committee made up of AUM faculty and staff at the end of the week will judge designs. (MUST be complete by noon on Friday to be considered for judging)

1st Place – 500pts.

2nd Place – 250pts.

3rd Place – 200 pts

(Remaining entries will be awarded in descending 25-point increments to tenth place; all remaining positions will be awarded 1 point.)


Monday, February 24, 2020 - 9:00am
Homecoming Headquarters Tent - Quad