***Homecoming: Homecoming Week Kickoff Celebration*** | AUM

***Homecoming: Homecoming Week Kickoff Celebration***

***Homecoming: Homecoming Week Kickoff Celebration***

Café Hoopla will take place at noon, and will serves as a last call for teams to compete in the Chancellor’s Cup. We will set up a registration table outside the café, and will have Curtiss on hand, as well.

All teams competing for the week will gather in the Cafe area to hear from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs on the details for the week. Everyone is invited to attend the kickoff celebration.  Refreshments served and the Homecoming Court nominees introduced for Junior/Senior Queen/King and Freshman/Sophomore Representatives.

At Noon, members of the Homecoming committee will serve as an impromptu emcee welcoming students to Homecoming 2020, addressing those in the café via bullhorn as Curtiss and members of the AUM pep squad will join the committee members. Curtiss will bring in a large basket filled with various plastic eggs, and the emcee will start the event by asking a series of questions about AUM and some of its traditions. As each is answered correctly, Curtiss will gently lob the student an egg, filled with items such as candy and golden eggs filled with tickets that can be used for merchandise at the AUM bookstore.

Once the questions are answered, all eggs that are left will be lobbed out to remaining students in attendance. The emcee will then encourage all in attendance that there will be more fun and food to be had, and Dr. Stockton will welcome students to the 50th Anniversary!

This will serve as a last call for Chancellor’s Cup teams, as Curtiss and the AUM cheer squad will attend to help kick-start the Homecoming festivities.

All team members will receive the official 50th anniversary Homecoming shirt, and those in attendance can expect Cupcakes and treats.

Chancellor’s Cup Points Breakdown: 100 points available

(% of team in attendance will determine the total of points earned – e.g. 4 people on team roster and 2 members attend event competition – 50 points will be awarded)


Disability Accommodations:
If you need disability related accommodations or wheelchair access information, please contact Conference Services at 334-244-3562 or conferences@aum.edu. If you need Sign Language Interpreting or Live Captioning at the event, please notify Conference Services as soon as possible. The University will always do its best to fill interpreting or captioning requests; however, it may be impossible to coordinate interpreters or captioning request without reasonable notice.

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 12:00pm
AUM Cafe